The Video Diaries

Here is a collection of some of Leo's very firsts, milestones and just general Leo'ness.

In Hospital - Hiccoughs - June 26th 2011
Leo One Week Old - Perfecting his special face - Guesses for what he's doing!?

Even more Special Face Practise!

A Lullaby Leo - 'Cannot...Keep...Eyes....Open..'

One of Leo's very first smiles xx

Lullaby Leo - Snoring Peacefully

A Babbling....Babble...cooo...arhhh

Leo's First Belly Chuckle

Leo and the bubbles - The laughter and the POPS

One of Leo's very first rolls! He is 20 Weeks old here..

Leo's swan call whilst out on a drive....

Leo having a little cry....Mean Daddy!

Leo and Mummy having giggles...

The little monster mastering the use of his Tippy Cup!

Look at my clever Little Boy Clapping his little hands at 6 months old...

Leo finding the strength to push himself up...Crawling is imminent, but awchie my poor face!
7 months old...

Leo and I playing clapping games...

Leo at 7 months (Feb 2012) putting his all into crawling!

Leo waving for the first time (Feb 26th 2012)

Leo laughing as passing wind (6th March 2012)

Leo and another hearty chuckle(March 7th 2012)