Monday, 10 December 2018

7 festive activities for the whole family

It is only the beginning of December and we are already in full swing for Christmas over here! The snow came in and each day just feels magical. This time of year is all around so special and what I love the most is that it sets the perfect environment forextra family time and bonding. 

So I thought I’d share here 7 festive activities that you can do as a whole family: 

1. Watch Christmas themed movies
My family loves a movie night. Make it a Christmas-themed movie night and it is just that much more special. We love flipping on the indoor Christmas lights, settling in in the festive living roombaking some type of treat, getting cosy on the couch under some blankets, and watching a film all together. Luckily, there are plenty of Christmas-themed movies to choose from on sites like to sustain our Christmas themed movie nights that last the whole month of December

2. Make a gingerbread house
Making a gingerbread house brings everyone back to days as a kid, whether or not they even remember making oneIt is so fun to create and decorate a gingerbread house side by side next to your family and laugh along as everyone puts his or her own spin to the projectYou can even make some gingerbread men too and decorate them to represent each member of your family! 

3. Make your own tree ornaments
While Christmas trees are so often decorated by store-bought ornaments, my favourites are the ones that my kids have created for our tree. There are memories attached to them and when they are young adults, I know it will be a kick for everyone to look back on their creationsBe sure to write the year it was created on the bottom so you’ll always remember when each cute ornament was made! 

4. Volunteer/Donate to charity
This is the time of year for giving, so giving back is so important to remember and teach your kids. There are many ways to give back, have your kids think about a cause that is important to them and go from there. If your kids want to help the homeless population, for example, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen. Or you can donate some clothes, toysor money to a local shelter. There are plenty of ways to give back! 

5. Holiday lights tours
The holiday lights during this time of the year are gorgeous. You can pack up some tea or hot chocolate and set out for a fun filled tour to see all the holiday lights in your area. Many neighbourhoods have underlying ‘competitions’ for the best decorated home and there are often festive tours put on cities themselves, some even on a train! 

6. Sing Christmas carols
Christmas music is a great way to connect and have fun with each other and your community. You can go carolling around your neighbourhood or even head over to a nursing home to share the Christmas cheer.  

7. Write a letter to Father Christmas 
Writing a letter to Father Christmas gives kids the opportunity to be creative and think about what they want, while also giving parents the opportunity to teach their kids how to write a letter and encourage empathy and include other people (such as a friend or less-fortunate child) in their letter. Remember to have your kids plan ahead of time for what they want to put on their Christmas wish list. This way, they learn organisational skills and Father Christmas gets the letter in time with plenty of time to prepare!After all, he and his elves have millions of kids to prepare presents for! 

The memories you make as a family during this time of year will stay with your children forever. They will always have the “my family did ‘xx’ during Christmas”, so do all the festive activities you want, create traditions, and make memories that you will carry with you always. 

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