Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Create a magical Christmas Eve for your children

UK Christmas Snow

Today is the 12th day of Christmas, and what a December it has been so far. The 10th day saw the snow arrive and 2 days later we are still nestling inside as the snow has turned to ice. There is something truly magical about snow falling in December, it doesn't happen very often, in fact the last time it did was 6 years ago while I was pregnant with Leo. I can remember it vividly, the snow stuck to the ground and there was still a blanket of it on Christmas Day, it may have been frozen into place but it was there nonetheless. 

This year I am feeling incredibly festive, whether it's because of the snow or because I have been so out of characterly organised... I don't quite know. All I do know is that this year, for the first time ever, the presents are almost wrapped (before Christmas Eve!) and my blog to do list is looking rather amazing. 

This means that my focus can now fall upon the magic of Christmas, and this will all begin on Christmas Eve. We have some annual Christmas Traditions in our house, they range from small to the not so small, and it will start with a trip on the Santa Express on December 24th. It is something that we have done since Leo was a little baby in arms (just shy of 6 months to be precise), and it is something that have done every year since (apart from last year because it all sold out very quickly!), but we are back for Christmas 2017!

Magic Santa Key

Leo doesn't know yet, it is going to be a big surprise that is announced on the morning of Christmas Eve. The tickets will be arriving by Elf (Emmanuel and Sam if you haven't already met them!), they will also return are magic key just in time for the man in red's arrival! If you don't have a chimney like us, then a key to let Santa Claus into your house is the next best thing, we leave ours out on Christmas Eve hung on our front door. It's a big old brass key that used to belong to my Granddad once upon a time, and now it comes out once a year (now covered in gold glittery paint), and it holds that extra special meaning, because although my Granddad passed away this year, he is still a big part of our Christmas.

You can purchase your own Santa Key at the Pesonalised Gifts Shop

Christmas Eve Box

I am in the process of preparing Leo's Christmas Eve Box, and this always includes something sweet so he can enjoy the festive television after a busy day out on the train, a new pair of PJ's to snuggle down in and a book for bedtime. This year will be no different, along with the train tickets and Santa Key, Leo will receive his Christmas Eve Pack by the means of Elf delivery. 

After an evening of watching The Snowman and the Snowdog (and whatever other Christmas television is broadcast), Leo will set up the little treats for Santa and his Reindeer. We then head upstairs and read The Night Before Christmas. This is another one of our little traditions that we all love, and to this day is still one of my personal favourite books. 

It won't be long before the big day arrives, and for me this year feels like it is the very height of the magic. I am determined to make it a very special one for my little man. He has composed and sent his Christmas list to Father Christmas and he is very much looking forward to opening his sleepy eyes on Christmas Morning. 

This year will definitely be one to remember, in the meantime though here is a flashback to last Christmas.

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