Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Baby, Just Cry It Out

Early motherhood is hard. There’s so much to learn, and so many new responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s a time when you want to be as alert as possible. How else are you supposed to rock motherhood? Of course, any new mother will tell you that they don’t experience alertness often. We’ve all heard the term ‘baby brain,' right? Those first months especially can leave us feeling completely out of it. There are, of course, the extreme hormones related to that period. But, the worst culprit is often  lack of sleep. When you’re already feeling strange, not getting enough sleep is the last thing you need.

For the most part, a new mother can expect to be up during the night. Babies need feeding often, and there’s no getting around it. But, sometimes, our kids can disturb our sleep for other reasons. They may go through periods where they cry the moment you put them down. It’s tough and can be enough to break the delicate balance you’re managing to maintain. Instead of letting it break you, it’s important you find a way to a solution. Otherwise, both you and baby will be miserable. You should, of course, check the problem isn’t colic. This can cause babies to cry regularly, and a quick online search will help you diagnose the problem. If that doesn’t seem to be on the cards, your child may be testing your limits. If they get attached, it can be tough for them to go without you. As sweet as that is, it’s time to put a stop to the nonsense. These steps should find you sleeping sound once more.


The first step you need to master is getting strict about bedtime. If you usually put your little one down at a different time each night, it can disorient both of you. Having a bedtime routine creates an expectation in a baby that it’s time to sleep. So, they should be sleepy when you come to put them down. It may take a while to find a routine that works, but it’s crucial you stick with this.

There’s also an ongoing argument among parents about whether a baby should sleep in your room. Whatever your standpoint, it's tougher to be strict at bedtime if they’re in with you. Plus, if your little one is crying for hours on end, having them in your room is far from ideal. It’s worth taking a look at cots and cot beds, and setting them up in their own room. This step needn’t cause you any worry. You can get baby monitors and keep an eye on whatever baby’s up to. You never know, having their own sleeping space may be all it takes to stop the crying.

Some parents plan out their feeding, while others wait until the baby wakes up. They’re pretty good at letting us know when they’re hungry, right? But, if crying is becoming a problem, it may be time you got strict with your schedule. If your baby is hungry, you don’t want them going without. So, you run to them every time they cry and try them with a bottle. Don’t do it. Instead, write down feeding times for throughout the night and set the alarm for each. That way, you needn’t worry that you’re neglecting a starving child. You’ll be able to rest easy that the crying has another cause.

For many parents, the idea of letting their baby cry is a horrendous one. How could they do such a thing? But, if night time crying is ruining sleep for both of you, it’s the kindest thing you can do. You’ve sorted your feeding schedule, so you know they aren’t hungry. Eventually, they will cry themselves to sleep. It’s harsh, but it works. A baby will often cry this way to gain attention or affection. This is especially the case if they’re used to falling asleep on you. Who wouldn’t want cuddles with mummy over sleeping alone? If you run in and give them the cuddles they’re demanding each time, you’re affirming the behaviour. As hard as it is, set yourself the goal of letting them cry for one night. You may not believe it, but you can guarantee it’ll go a long way towards stopping the problem. If you find it too difficult to leave them, it might be worth entrusting the task to someone you know won’t cave in!

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