Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to create the perfect Revision Space for your children

I have been incredibly proud of Leo this week, he has been under the weather and came out with a rash over the weekend, a rash that meant that on Monday and Tuesday my little man was kept at home with me. It was the kind of rash that school would have most definitely sent him home for and as I had to go out to a meeting in the city, I thought it might be easier to take him along with me.

The meeting was to discuss the EHCP (education health care plan) process, and as this is something that I have applied for with Leo to try and get him some extra support, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to discuss our situation with a professional. The meeting lasted over 2 hours, and for a 5 year old who was bored senseless (aside from my phone to keep him occupied) he was so incredibly well behaved. In fact everyone in attendance thought so, he was a complete super star.

It is now only a matter of a few months before school kicks out and Leo is on his summer holiday, and then upon return he will be a Year 2 pupil. This thought is quite scary as it means that the delay between himself and his peers is going to widen yet again. We do everything that we can to help Leo, we want him to catch up if possible, but ultimately we just want him to strive to the very best of his ability, whatever that may be.

We have a dedicated study space at home for Leo, and I genuinely believe that this really helps him when it comes to sitting down and working in the home environment. I recently wrote a post all about Leo's bedroom set up here.

How to create the perfect revision space for your children

This is something that I have had to really work at for Leo because for a long time Leo was not interested in doing anything at all for his learning at home, and this alone was a real struggle. When we first moved I browsed the high rise beds over on Room to Grow as I wanted a bed with a built in desk so that Leo could sit down to study in a quiet environment.

My top tips for the perfect revision space

- Quiet Space - Pick a room that is away from the hustle and bustle of everyone else. You want this space to be just for them (and yourself if you are going to be helping with the activities as I do). We opted for Leo's bedroom so that we don't have the distractions from the puppy trying to get Leo's attention for play, and because there is no television in leo's bedroom that will divert his attention away from what he is supposed to be doing.

- Adequate lighting - Make sure there is a decent ceiling light and of course a desk lamp. I find this really helps especially in the winter when we are working after school. 

- Desk - If you don't have room for a stand alone desk, think about a high rise bed that you can include a desk with or underneath. This has been a great investment in Leo's bedroom and it means that we can keep everything he needs all set up ready for when he needs it. 

- Books - Keep helpful exercise books to hand so that you are ready to go as soon as you sit down! 

- Pens and Pencils - Keep the study space stocked with all of the essentials that you will need. We are stocked with lots of paper, glue sticks, felt tips, pencils, rubbers, ruler and crayons.

- Oraginse it for them - Help your child organise the desk and everything on it so that it is in an accessible order that will help them complete the activities being asked of them.

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