Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Getting time to yourself, either as a couple or on your own, when you have kids is often a struggle. It's the nature of being a parent. They need you almost all the time, making it hard to get any time without them. Even though you love them, sometimes you need some time to remember who you are as an individual or a couple, without the kids around. If you need more time to yourself, you have to take the initiative to make some plans. While you will sometimes accidentally find that you have time alone, it's rare and almost impossible when you have more than one child. Try this advice to get more time to yourself.

Start Planning Events

When you're a parent, you need to make plans if you want to have alone time. You're unlikely to find that there are no kids around and you have nothing to do if you don't plan anything. If you want to have alone time or spend time together as a couple, it's a good idea to make a standing date. Maybe every Saturday morning you want to go and play tennis while Dad takes on the kids so he can golf on Sunday. And on Friday nights, perhaps it's time to get a babysitter in so you can go out to dinner together.

Make a List of People for Childcare

It's always a good idea to have a few people you can go to when you need a babysitter. Some parents make the mistake of having just one person they trust, such as one of their parents. However, that means you have to rely on a single person to help you when you need it. It's much better to have a few options so you can have someone to turn to on both short notice and a bit further in advance. If you need a professional babysitter, you can find local babysitters at Using a babysitter you don't know can be worrying. But if you find someone with a background check and proven experience, you'll soon come to trust them.

Create a Corner in Your Home Just for You

Even if you're at home with the kids, you can still get some space to yourself. A corner of the house that belongs to you, where you can relax and unwind, is a good idea. Then as long as the kids are being entertained by something else, looked after by someone else, or in bed, you can enjoy your alone time. Of course, you have your bedroom, which can be an ideal place to have some time to yourself. Set up a cosy corner where you can sit.

Take Advantage of Your Kids' Friends

Making friends with your kids' friends' parents can sometimes be tough, but it's worth it. Being able to send your children to someone's house after school, to a birthday party or perhaps on a day out is great. If you're friends with other parents, you can feel more comfortable requesting that they look after your child, as long as you're willing to return the favour.

If you make plans in advance, getting some alone time is much easier. But you can also grab some time alone when the opportunity arises.

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