Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bedtime routine in the summer months

The nights have drawn out and parents all over the UK are hearing those familiar plights from their children 'it's not bedtime, it's still light!' - Each and every year when the evenings stay light, this is the scenario, children wanting to stay up until it gets dark, because let's face it, it's much more appealing than heading to bed while the sun is still shining outside!

I remember the days when it was me being told to go to bed while all of the other children were still playing outside in the evening sunshine. I could hear them outside my bedroom windows laughing and celebrating the arrival of summer. 

We have always had a really good bedtime routine for Leo, and this is something that I don't intend on compromising on, even with the sunshine hanging around for Leo's bedtime at 7pm. We already have black out curtains in Leo's bedroom but the light still seeps in around the top of the curtain and along the sides. Of course this isn't ideal, and can sometimes interfere with Leo going to sleep when he needs to. 

I have been thinking about ways in which I can make Leo's bedroom darker so that I have less of a fight of convincing him that it's still bedtime, even though the birds are still chirping in the trees outside adding to the battle of getting Leo into the land of nodd. 

I think the best way to make sure that bedtime and sleep happpen when they are supposed to is to invest in some blinds to sit behind the black out curtains that are already in place. I have been looking at Direct Blinds and think this is the way to go, it will help to keep the light out, and make the room darker to help Leo count his sheep, and of course help me win the battle of the bed. 

 I think that keeping Leo's bedtime routine is incredibly important, especially since he has school and needs the sleep and energy for his learning. I like to make sure that he is in bed by 7pm and ideally asleep before 8pm. I have always been very pro bedtime routine and I truly believe that Leo's rather amazing sleeping pattern is the result of having a consistent and predictable bedtime routine right from the get go.

I hear of so many parents who have trouble getting their children to go to bed,  waking at multiple times throughout the night, or even getting up before the sun, and although there have been times over the years where Leo has fallen out of routine for whatever reason, we have always managed to smooth the waters and restore the tranquillity that can only result from rested sleep.

I used to dread the clock change when Leo was a baby, that hour really did confuse things and made putting him to bed rather difficult, as he has gotten older though, it is easier to explain why it is still light outside, and aside from it being lighter, it doesn't really effect our routine.

The best advice I could give anyone, is to keep persevering with a routine, because it really doesn't help. Especially when the clocks change during the summer months and they don't want to go to bed because the sun still has his hat on.

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