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How Positivity Can help With Child Birth

As your due date approaches, you will be filled with excitement and anxiety in equal measure. For some, the fear of giving birth can reach fever pitch, preventing them from enjoying the birthing experience.

Giving birth to your children is one of the most moving experiences there is – or it should be. But, with fear and anxiety clouding your vision, you may struggle with labour, giving birth and the first few weeks of being a new mum.

Newborn Baby

HARTMANN Direct look at seven steps to enjoying being pregnant and giving birth.

The Birthing Stories

As soon as you announce your pregnancy, you will be showered with congratulations as well as more than a few stories about how and when other mums had their babies. Your own mum may enjoy sharing your birth story.
Inevitably, there will be people who have horror birthing stories to tell and how it was the most panful/frightening/horrendous time.
There will be other mums however, who will tell you that they had a great experience and will suggest to you to take time throughout your pregnancy to face your fear and take positive steps to managing your pregnancy and birth as you want it.

“Everyone says that…”

Unfortunately, when you announce your intentions for a drug-free, home or water birth etc. you may well be met with derision.
There are medical emergencies with childbirth but there are also plenty of pregnancies and births that result in fantastic birthing experiences for mum, dad and baby – and the rest of the family.
Don’t be put off by what other people say or tell you will happen because great births do happen!

7 Steps to a Positive Experience

Even if the birth doesn’t quite go according to the plan you had in mind, it can still be a positive experience…

#1 Face Your Fears

Watching TV programmes from fly-on-the labour-ward documentaries to soap operas all make birth look like a horrendous time in which you will shout and scream.
Some women have a paralysing fear of giving birth and this is a condition which will need to be carefully managed and treated. For others, it is the fear of the unknown.
Face your fear, understand where the fear is coming from and take the next positive step.

#2 Practice Relaxation

You will have heard of the ‘flight or fright’ principle. With a surge of adrenalin, you will either stay and fight or flee the danger.
When neither of these are an option, you need to face the situation but do so in a way that is calm. Practice relaxation techniques during pregnancy to help you stay calm.

#3 Focus on Your Breathing

When we are shocked, stressed or excited, we tend to hold our breath. The trick is to learn to focus in on breathing and make sure that exhaling and inhaling is following a calm, regular pattern.
Slower, deeper breaths will increase oxygen to your muscles, essential in labour and will also help you to relax.

#4 Include Your Partner

With so much focus on you, it is easy to forget your partner. Many men and birthing partners will promise to be with you during the birth but they too may in a state of such high anxiety and stress that they too fail to enjoy what they are about to witness.
Give your partner chance to express his or her fears too.

#5 Stay in the Moment

Labour is the final step before your baby arrives. And it is easy for you to allow your brain to race ahead and with ‘danger’ ahead, give you panicky messages and thoughts.
Stay with your labour, work with every contraction and understand that each one is a step to giving birth.

#6 Use Your Senses

Your sense are important triggers for relaxation. When you practice relaxation, choose a scent or a sound for example, that your mind associates with a peaceful, happy, relaxed place.
Have that scent or sound on hand when you are in labour to help your mind focus.

#7 Stay in Touch

The sense of touch is supportive and a strong message that you are not alone. Have your partner touch you, if this is something that soothes you. Not every labouring mum wants to be touched, so don’t worry if this is case but stay connected with your partner.
Labour is uncomfortable and giving birth can be painful but it is rewarding, an amazing show of the combined power of Mother Nature and you. Enjoy it!

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