Thursday, 9 February 2017

Working from home

Working from home

I have been working from home since August 2015, it's been the most amazing experience, I never dreamed when I started my blog back in 2011, that just 4 years later I would find myself in the position to be able to live off of my blog. It is a rather surreal feeling when I think about, because it really was not my intention when I started writing that very first post, it just sort of progressed and naturally happened, and when I got made redundant, I just fell into it and didn't look back.

I think if I had deliberately set the end goal as being able to do exactly what I am doing now, then it would most definitely not have worked out that way, but I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work so flexibly around Leo, it means that I can do the school run myself and be there for important events such as school assemblies without having to gain permission or acceptance from the powers above. 

I think that this is something that Leo also loves, he knows that it is always going to be my face when the school bell chimes at 3:15, and he knows that if he is ever sick for any reason, it will be Mummy coming to pick him up and take care of him until he is better again, and that is something that makes me feel really proud. I am in a position I always dreamed about, but for a long time never thought could be a practical reality, but somehow, all be it completely left to chance, I found my way to where I am today completely by chance,

Working from home is the best set up I have ever had, and I genuinely don't think that I could go back to being an employee again. It's only me at home during the day (well except for the dog), and with it being Winter, I sometimes feel a little disheartened about heating up the entire house. I have often wondered about just bringing an oil heater into the lounge to keep me warm during the day, I work in the living room, and the only other room I would really frequent is the kitchen for snacks and hot drinks.

Oil heaters are considered to be great heating options during the winter months, they are low in noise unlike a fan heater as they heat up the air through convection heat, and they don't cost a whole lot to run. I have been having a look at the range available on Electrical Guys, and I think that I might be looking to invest in one before the winter days are behind us.

 People often think that it will cost them more money because they think that they will have to replace the oil in the radiator, but they are actually really energy efficient. They heat the oil over burning the oil, so you never need to refill it.

They are really good for the home and office (or in my case..My home office!) Their design makes them easy to fit into small places, and I could get one right next to my desk so that it heats my immediate area, but not the whole house, which will of course help me save some valuable ££.

I have always needed that additional heat, I like to be cosy warm, and that is one of the luxury's that I love from working at home, I used to sit in my coat at my 9-5 office job, and now I can quite happily sit in my dressing gown and slippers with the heating blaring, is it any wonder I am in my element working from home?

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