Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Top Tips on Flying with Children

Tips on Flying with Children

We have traveled with Leo since he was a baby in arms, and that is something that I would highly recommend families do with their little one's from a young age. I remember thinking how daunting it felt at the idea of flying with a baby, but the actual process and experience was so much easier than I could ever have dreamed it would be. 

I remember really working myself up about the whole milk situation, because these days you cannot take liquid through security into departures, and as I cast my mind back, this was actually my main concern. I was worried that the sterilised baby bottles with cooled boiled water would be confiscated and I would be without the means to feed my baby. I really stressed myself out of it, but when the time came to walk through security on Leo's maiden voyage out of the UK at a mere 5 months old, they literally just asked us to taste the water, so they could rule it out being something malicious disguised as baby essentials. 

That was literally it, we just needed to taste test each of the 4 bottles I had prepared to bring on our journey, and that was it. As we walked through the gates into the departure lounge to embark on our journey to Tenerife I couldn't understand why I had worked myself up so much for it to be such a simple demonstration. 

I actually found it easier to fly with a baby than I did when Leo had turned 2. Baby's don't talk, baby's don't get up and try to walk around, but 2 year old's certainly do. When we flew out to Cyprus it was a really early morning flight, so I had convinced myself that Leo would sleep most of the way there... Well I couldn't have been more wrong if I had tried. Leo was awake for the entire flight, well apart from when he fell asleep 5 minutes before the plane landed. I was exhausted as I couldn't even contemplate closing my eyes, because I had a 2 year old who would have been everywhere but in his seat. How I missed that 5 month old baby at that very moment in time, the baby who sat on my lap and slept the flight away, and when he woke up smiled and giggled and had everyone around him cooing.

Tips on Flying with Children

Tips on Flying with Children

Of course now that Leo is older, flying has got easier again. He will happily sit and watch a film on his iPad, or play some learning games as we fly away to warmer climates. There are companies that you can book family friendly holiday's through, Tots To Travel handpick family friendly villas and cottages all over the globe which really can help take the stress out of travelling.

My Top Tips on Flying with Children 

- Make sure you have plenty of drinks/snacks to keep them going.

- Pre-load the iPad with films/games/activities for the children to play while air born. I highly recommend the 'Teach Your Monster to Read' app, Leo loves it and it was a life saver on our flight to Crete last year.

- Bring colouring books/story books to complete together.

- Take a blanket so that they can have quiet time and go to sleep if they wish.

- Take a portable DVD player and a selection of DVDs.

- Take a Nintendo DS and game selection

This year we are flying to Crete in May, and Leo is already counting down the sleeps. At least now he is 5 I don't need to worry about him trying to escape the confines of his seat...

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