Monday, 6 February 2017

How to throw yourself into a fitness routine and stick to it

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

I am officially 6 weeks into my fitness plan now, Christmas and it's post Turkey tummy are a far cry away, and as much as I adore the festive season, it feels so good to finally be back into a routine with everything again...Finally.

It's been 6 weeks of working out, eating right and falling back into love with fitness. If truth be told, as much as I wanted the results from getting back on plan, I wasn't feeling the effort that it would take to get there, but it is amazing how quickly everything slots into place and forms a routine, or you could even refer to it as a habit. 

6 weeks doesn't sound like a very long time, and it will pass regardless as to whether you chase your dreams or not, so I decided to put my all into it, set some goals, overhaul my mindset and just go for it. 
Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

I get asked a lot why my body changes so quickly, what do I eat? How often do I work out to see these changes happening over a matter of weeks. The truth is that it boils down to what I put into it, I know that this is not what people want to hear, and they long for me to tell them that there is some magic potion that you can swig down before bed, and wake up with washboard abs and a 2 stone weight loss, but there really isn't.

I eat over 2,500 calories a day, I eat a lot of food. The difference between the calories and getting lean is the food that I eat. I eat wholefoods, food that is as close to the original product as humanly possible. I cook my own meals, I eat everything (Including carbs and fats!), and that really is the key. If you are half half heartedly working out, and half heartedly eating right, you will get... you guessed it. Half hearted results. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I follow Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. This week marks two years since I decided to turn my life on it's head and make some serious changes to my mind, body and soul. When I took those tentative baby steps in the right direction, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I didn't know how to squat, burpee or lunge. I worked my way through the week, one work out at a time. The 12 weeks went by and I got stronger each and every single day, and I went on and on. I achieved goals that I never would have dreamed of setting back in those very early days of trying to loose the weight. 

A fitness journey means learning to believe in yourself, pushing your perimeters and daring to give it a go. 

So how do you get motivated enough to throw yourself into a fitness routine and stick to it?

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

1. Set a over all goal that you want to achieve
Whether it's weight loss, toning up or both. Think about where you want to be in a year. Write down your hopes and dreams and make a plan of how to achieve it.

2. Join a gym, running club or start working out from home
Whether you are going out to the gym, doing classes, joining a club or working out from home like I do, you need to treat these as important meetings with yourself, just as you would a colleague in the office. The sooner you can start ticking your workouts off, the sooner it will become part of your everyday routine. Even if you just have half an hour to do something, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. 

3. Take progress photos
This is a really important factor. You might not want to take those initial photos (I know I didn't), but I was so thankful when I started to take my more recent photos because the pictures highlighted just how far I had come, they told me more than the scale ever could. 

4. Treat yourself to a new fitness wardrobe
When I first started working out, I had no gym clothes what so ever. the trainers I started with back in 2014 dated back to 2007 when I once attempted to go to the gym with an ex boyfriend. Ironically although the relationship ended, those trainers still looked brand spanking new, perhaps because they were! As I ticked the weeks off against my set goals, I decided to set rewards for the objectives that I achieved. I treated myself to my Triangl Bikini (The most expensive bikini I have and ever will purchase in my life!), and I kitted myself out with a new Nike collection, including sports bras, trainers and gym shorts, have some great Nike voucher codes to check out!

5. Bin your scales
I spent far to much of my own journey obsessing over the scales, in my head putting on any weight would send me plummeting back in the wrong direction. I associated my old weight with fat. So in my head if I ever surpassed a certain number on the scale, I would be back to square one again. This couldn't be further from the truth, and muscle actually weighs more than fat does, so you could weigh more, and look completely different to how I did on my almost 10 stone frame. My new years resolution is to forget all about the scales, and it has taken me a long time, but I no longer care about what those scales read, and my goal of 2017 is to put some size on in muscle and actually gain some more weight!

It's important to be kind to yourself, and take things one day at a time. Remember that you can make changes but they are going to happen over a period of time, but by setting smaller goals within your over all goal, and rewarding yourself, you can make lasting changes that will make yo

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