Monday, 13 February 2017

Getting Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Before long the cold and bleak winter will be a distant memory and everybody will be embracing the warmth and joy of summer. In order to fully maximise the summer and get the most out of the best season of the year, now is the time to start getting ready. This means getting your garden prepared so that you will be ready to get the BBQ out and invite you friends over as soon as the weather permits.

Clearing the Area
Winter can leave the garden looking not particularly inviting, so the first step to a summer-ready garden involves clearing the area. This includes picking up debris, weeding the garden, tidying flowerbeds and trimming back any hedges. This will immediately make a big impact on how the garden looks.

Tree Surgery
If you have large trees that create a lot of shade, you will want to thin the branches for a brighter and warmer garden. This should always be carried out by professional tree surgeons, such as UK Landscapes.

Mow the Lawn
Much like getting a fresh summer haircut, you will want to mow the lawn to a neat length to make it look much tidier and more inviting. You should also aerate the lawn and prepare the soil (if you plan on planting anything).

Fresh Paint
The harsh weather can take its toll on your perimeter fence and shed which can bring down the tone of the entire backyard, so correct this by revitalising these parts with a fresh lick of paint. Whilst you’re at it, you should also clear out the shed of items you don’t need, bring out the BBQ and garden furniture and put remaining items back in a neat fashion.

Cleaning Furniture
Next, you will want to clean the furniture and BBQ so that they will be ready for use on the first day of summer. If you have a patio area, this should also be cleaned thoroughly. You can then set up an area for socialising/relaxing.

Finishing Touches
Finally, you will want to bring the garden to life and add personality. This can be achieved through buying colourful flowers and plant life, decorating the social area, placing rugs and cushions on the lawn, buying garden lights and anything else to make this a calm, inviting and relaxing space. You may also want some garden games for the kids to enjoy.

There is no better time of the year than the summer when you can relax in your backyard or invite friends and family round for a BBQ. Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for the summer months so follow these steps and you will be amazed at the difference that it makes.

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