Friday, 10 February 2017

Being a Working Parent is HARD

Being a working parent is hard. Being a parent is HARD. Regardless as to whether you go out to work, you work for yourself or your stay at home parent looking after the children, it's really, really hard. It honestly feels at times like there are not enough hours in the day, and it often seems impossible to stay on top of the house and then keep the kids fed and watered each day, when exactly is there time to get any work done?

I find working from home even harder to juggle than actually going out to work, when you go out to work you have set days, set hours and no interruptions. You have an entire day where you can smash your to do list, there are no puppies demanding attention and no children needing picking up and taking to school. It's even harder when your child is sick, I find this is again even more poignant being self employed and working from my living room office space. There have been a number of occasions where I have had to go and collect Leo from school half way through the day, or even had to keep him off school completely due to sickness.

Of course this is like a domino effect, sick child = No work for Laura. A sick Leo means taking the day off, unpaid and spending that time with Leo. Of course don't get me wrong, I feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to spend that time with my little boy and be the one that gets to nurse him back to health again, but it does take it's toll on my working life. It means I cannot reply to emails, I have the potential to miss out on important opportunities, and my deadlines for other work get's pushed back. 

I always make sure I have a supply of Calpol from Pharmacy2U, I have been caught off guard before and thankfully Luke was around and willing to drive to a 24 hour shop at just gone 11pm at night. You never know when sickness is going to strike and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will happen when you are least prepared or have exciting plans... let's re-visit the times that Leo has unexpectedly succumb to illness...

There was that time when he was about 8 months old and we were heading to London to an exciting event with Pampers and Emma Bunton. After we traveled 2 hours to be in attendance...Leo threw up every where right in the center of Covent Garden. We ended up missing the event and hopping back on the train to go home... Both of us smelling of sick.

There was that time when Leo was about 18 months old and he couldn't possibly use a sick bucket, he insisted on being carried over my shoulder the entire time, and the only safe place was sitting in the bathroom until the sorry scene was over. I was having a mass clean when I stepped right into a puddle of sick that I had missed, slipped and fell straight onto my back....

Viral Rash: Roseola

There was that time we were heading to LEGOLAND on the train and my pushchair wheel popped. Then as we made our way further from home, Leo started to become grizzly and it wasn't long before a familiar viral rash spread over his body. Leo got worse as the day went on and could not enjoy the day at all, we ended up leaving the pushchair at the resort and heading home with a very poorly Leo. Did I mention that it was my Birthday?

Being a parent is hard. Being a working parent is HARD. It is all HARD. We all navigate it in our own way and fair the storms that come our way, the sun does shine after the rain, and dealing with a poorly child is never going to be a walk in the park, but as long as we keep the essentials (and by essentials I mean CALPOL, CALPOL, CALPOL) close to hand, because these sickness spells seem to be sprung on us when we least expect it!

Thankfully (touch wood) we seem to have had a nice clear run so far in 2017, and I hope that with the winter months ticking away day by day, that the warmer months mean that we will avoid a poorly little man.

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