Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Planning Ahead for Christmas 2017

Planning Ahead for Christmas 2017

We might have only just taken the Christmas Tree and decorations down, but is it really ever too early to start thinking about next Christmas? It is always such and expensive time of year, so surely we should start thinking about what we want to buy people in advance so that we can spread the cost throughout the year and help you survive Christmas and the bleak month of January?

I have friends who are already kitted out for Christmas 2017, and I keep thinking that I should start preparing myself, no I am not crazy, I am just being realistic because I don't want to have the stress of December on my back, and I definitely don't want to be feeling the burden in January. 

Online voucher code and money saving website My Voucher Codes  have shared their top money saving tips, to ensure that Christmas 2017 is the most affordable Christmas you will ever have. 

They have created the below video which offers money saving tips, advice on how to plan, budget and offered guidance on when to purchase. If you have over spent this Christmas it will still be fresh in your mind (and on your credit card statement), or not been as organised as you could be  then this could really help you.

You can find more tips from My Voucher Codes right here.

I still cannot fathom how Christmas has been and gone already and I am still trying to work out how we are already a month into 2017. The festive season was truly amazing and all of the hard work was completely worth it when it came to seeing Leo's little face on Christmas Day.

It is because of Leo that I think that I will be most certainly starting to plan ahead for Christmas 2017 right now, because he deserves to have the most magical time, and I will make sure that happens. 

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