Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Grow Your Blog by Renting Your Own Space

grow your blog

It’s clear that the influence of bloggers is steadily growing and with the internet enabling a more accessible and connected world, blogging is becoming a full-time job for the lucky few. However, remaining inspired and focused may be the next hurdle you face. How can you continue coming up with creative and original content for your followers to enjoy? Well, renting your own space may be the answer. Here’s why:

Free from Distractions
People often say that you shouldn’t mix work with pleasure and this may ring true for people who prefer to keep their work and home separate.

It can often be hard to stay motivated when working from home. Even if you have your own home office, the temptation to tidy up, or cook, or enjoy a bit of a lie-in is always there. Having a specific place of work from can give you a sense of routine, whilst ultimately still enjoying the flexibility of being your own boss.

Creating Room to Grow
If you have outgrown your home office, moving to your own space can give you the freedom to be creative and store all your items of inspiration. Free your home of work-clutter and look for your own workspace.

Maybe you prefer to work in privacy? An office away from home can give you a few hours away from partners, kids or pets so you can focus entirely on making new entries for your blog. It can also give you a professional work space if you wanted to work on a collaboration or project with another blogger. Having your own premises may help you grow your blog.

Selling Your Brand
If the recent high street/blogger collaborations are anything to go by, there are definite opportunities for bloggers to capitalise on their success. H&M have recently collaborated with the blogger behind “Style by Kling” and Zoe Sugg of the “Zoella” vlog has created her own beauty range, including make-up, skincare and perfume.

By having your own premises, you’ll have more space to create your products. Plus, having your own shop with help you make your brand more visible to passers-by and grow your audience, as well as making money. With properties available to rent on main shopping streets, you can find your perfect shop space with an experienced agent, such as L.C.P. Properties.

If you have aspirations to continue growing your blog, then renting your own space could help. Not only will you have your own space to make your own and fill with everything that provides you with inspiration, it can also give you the opportunity to promote your brand, collaborate with others or sell your own products.

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