Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas Dalmatian

Christmas is fastly approaching and I am still at a loss to where the Summer went? It was only August 5 minutes ago and now all of a sudden it's December and the big day is looming. Did I fall asleep for 4 months and miss the weeks falling away? 

Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas but it's always such an expensive month. I tell myself that I will plan ahead each and every year, but every year I never feel prepared much before Christmas Eve. I do start shopping around September time each year, just so I can spread the cost, but never the less I am still shopping well into December. 

I am actually really looking forward to Christmas this year, Leo is at the best age. He's 5 now and he is completely caught up in the magic of everything, and I guess I am just appreciating it all the more this year because I have realised that Christmas's like these really are numbered. He is coming home every day and telling me something that his school friends have told him, the latest being that Jack Frost isn't real... and I can tell you now that if anyone starts trying to ruin the magic of Christmas, I will not be held accountable for my actions.

We have family that live out in the states and every year since Leo was small, they have arranged for a special letter from Santa to arrive all the way from Arizona. I remember the first year it happend (Leo was only 5 months old) and they denied all knowledge, I was left completely baffled as to where it had originated from. It's been a lovely tradition that has only grown with excitement as Leo has grown up, and it's something that we always look forward to.

As Christmas is such a busy time we don't always get to see everyone that we would hope to, so this usually means that we have to courrier Christmas Presents by TNT to make sure that they make it there on time. That is something that we have been looking at this week, I like to make sure that we get everything sent out so that it arrives in plenty of time before Christmas.

Christmas Tree

I really am excited about getting all of the logistics sorted so I can begin focusing on just enjoying this time of year. There is always so much work that goes into Christmas, and once the hard graft is behind us, everything is sorted and all of the gifts have been delivered or arrived at their assigned destinations, it's nice to pour a large glass of mulled wine and await the Christmas Day feast.

This year is my first Christmas in my new home, and I have to admit that before we put the tree up at the start of December, I wasn't really feeling it. I thought that I would be beyond excited at getting everything in order this year, but when the time came I didn't know if I could even be bothered enough to put the tree up. When the time came though my Christmas spirit kicked in, and now I hate to think of the house without all of the glitter and lights.

You will see me in January fighting to keep it up all year round!

Now... there is an idea!

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