Friday, 9 December 2016

How To Sell Your Used Family Car

If you’re getting ready to sell your used family car, the entire process can seem a little scary. It involves things like cleaning the car, marketing it, and, of course, discussing money. But, a little time and effort to get the car right will ensure you get the most profit for it. Here’s how to make sure you get the most money for your used family car.

Get the Car Looking Great

People prefer clean cars. Crumbs, dirt, and stains are just going to make your car look cheap and give the impression that you haven’t looked after it. And that’s the most important thing: you want to convince buyers that your car has been looked after. If your family car is old, there are a few things you can do to make it more attractive:

·         Get it detailed
·         Replace old floor mats
·         Reconsider modifications you may have done a while ago
·         Get it serviced
·         Have obvious flaws repaired

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Want to Make a Profit? Have Your Records In Order

If you are able to show potential buyers that all your service and maintenance records are in order, it gives them huge peace of mind. If you don’t actually have all the records, try to write them down to prove your car has never been involved in an accident.

Set a Realistic Price

You need to be realistic about your asking price. Dealers will give you an honest assessment of your vehicle’s condition and give you an accurate asking price. Take a look online at similar cars and use them as a comparison. You may want to add a couple of hundred dollars extra just to give yourself a little bargaining room.

Get a Car Buying Service to Sell Your Car

Trading your used family car in at a dealership doesn’t always give you a great profit. While it is certainly easier and less daunting than trying to sell the car on your own, a car buying service is a great way to go to get the most money for your car.

Be Wary of Potential Buyers

Finally, if you are insistent on handling the car showing and final transactions yourself, always make sure you stay safe. Insist on meeting buyers in public places and don’t allow them to test drive the car on their own. Also, ensure that you accept a money order, cash or a certified check for payment before you go ahead and transfer ownership. You may want to complete the transaction at the bank first in order to verify payment.

While it probably sounds like quite a bit of work, selling your used family car, just like buying one, is a huge financial transaction and it pays to be prepared so that you can make the best possible profit.

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