Thursday, 8 December 2016

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Family Travel

People are always asking me whether Leo is going to be an only child, and to be honest I don't really know the answer to that question as this moment in time. Maybe? Maybe not? It really could go one of two ways, but there are a lot of positive points in my eyes to Leo being an only child at this moment in time and one of the points that jumps off at the page at me is travelling.

Leo is at an incredible age, he is 5 years old and it means that we can run off and do all sorts as a family of 3, we can go and enjoy the rollercoasters at a theme park or do something that would be more tricky if not impossible if we had a baby in tow. It was just the other year that we took Leo off road quad biking while we were on holiday in Tunisia!

We may be on the cusp of Christmas, but we can't help thinking about our next family adventure. I flew off to New York month with the girls, and as soon as I was back we were discussing what we were going to do next just the 3 of us, and as the discussions go on, we keep coming back to the same point... We are loving the idea of a Disney Cruise!

A Disney Cruise has to be the ultimate family fun adventure, and if we are going to do something like this, it needs to be now... Leo is not just growing up physically, his tastes are growing up. He has had me boxing up old toys that he now deems are for babies, so I want to make sure we give him this magical experience before he is too old. 

We have been having a look at Iglu Cruise who are the UK's largest independent cruise agents with great deals to over 3,000 ports in 30 destinations. There are 4 Disney Cruise ships:

- Disney Dream - Largest in the fleet and carries over 4,000 passengers, which is about 40% larger than the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.
- Disney Fantasy - It joined the fleet in 2012. The sister ship of the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy is a 128,000 tonne cruise liner carrying around 4,000 guest per cruise with 1,250 staterooms.
- Disney Magic - Combines a sleek exterior which echoes back to the golden age of cruising, with a modern twist of innovative facilities and the enchanting wonder of Disney.
- Disney Wonder - The sister ship of Disney Magic is 83,000-tonnes across ten passenger decks and will comfortably take 2,400 passengers. 

The Disney Cruises go from all over depending on the ship and package that you choose. You can board at Dover, or travel by plane and board in warmer climates. 

The more I think about it, the more I want to just get my credit card and book it right up, we are still discussing the finer details but it looks to be a popular idea between myself and the better half. Even Luke is partial to some Disney magic whether he will admit it or not, and I have a great photo of him somewhere with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears upon a trip to Disneyland Paris back in 2009.

So maybe Leo will stay an only child, maybe he won't, but I will never take for granted the amazing trips and holidays we can plan by being a family of 3. 

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