Friday, 25 November 2016

Special Jewels

I have adored Opals since I first discovered them back in 2007, an old boyfriends Mother had the most beautiful collection and I remember admiring it on many occasions, and not long after seeing them all for the first time I decided that one day I would own my own.

I have had a few smaller one's over the years, but nothing in the league of her beautiful Opals. It truly is amazing how all of the different colours and effects present themselves within the stone, there are all the blue colouring's that you can imagine, dark right through to baby, reds, greens and orange. The Opal is such a unique stone, and that is what makes them so special to me. No two are ever the same.

I love to have a look at the different collections that you can find online, just to catch sight of what you can find in this big wide world of ours. I love vintage jewellery especially when it combines my all time favourite stone. 

I have been in the process of organising my jewellery box. I am quite sentimental and hold on to every item that has ever been gifted to me, or even little treats I have allowed myself to purchase over the years. I don't have masses of jewels unfortunately, but what I do have is very special to me, whether it was from a significant other at a precise moment in time, or if it is something that has been handed down to me, they all hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another.

I have always been minimalist, I can't pull off huge earrings or have anything that really gets in your face, firstly it's not my personal style and secondly I prefer to opt for simple, beautiful designs. Of course that's not to say that I am opposed to bling, I just have my own way of displaying it.

Having a nice collection of jewellery that actually means something to you is so much more important than having lots of pretty things that don't have a story that relates to you or someone around you in some way. I have a beautiful necklace pendant that is made out of silver clay, in the clay is a finger print of Leo that dates back to when he was a baby, a mere 8 months old. It is as though it has been frozen in time, and although his fingers have grown along with the rest of him, I still have that one dainty reminder that he was once that small.

It may be the most special item that I own, and it is the most worn item out of everything else in that box.

Do you have an item in your personal jewellery collection that really speaks to you?

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