Friday, 25 November 2016

Puppy Proof

Dalmatian Puppy

As many of you know, back in August I fell in love with a little (at the time) Dalmatian Puppy! He was 8 weeks old when we first brought him home, but fast forward 3 months he has tripled in size. That little Dalmatian definitely did a lot of growing very, very quickly, and as he grew so did his reach and knack for getting into mischief.

Lux sleeps in the kitchen, it's his little space where all of his things are kept. The flooring is vinyl so it is easy to keep on top of in terms of if there are any accidents, and for the most part I don't need to worry about anything getting damaged. Well that was true until Lux took a liking to the walls, and when I say a liking, I mean he took to eating them, or should I say grinding specific areas with his teeth.

Lux started off by eating the wall under the breakfast bar where his bed used to be, I managed to stop that by moving the bin in front of that section of wall, and moving his bed from that corner of the room. Then Lux started jumping up a little bit further along the wall, just above the kitchen radiator. he did this when he wasn't getting his own way, say for instance I am working in the lounge and he want's some attention... That is when he would start jumping/scratching/nibbling this section of the wall, because he knew that it would draw my attention away from what I am doing and placing it firmly on him. Unfortunately it is not something I can ignore, the noise drives me to distraction and I instantly know what he is doing and have to intervene. For the moment I have placed a canvas print on the radiator just to hide it from his sight, and for the moment it looks as though he has forgotten about it.

Puppy eating walls

Finally the latest section of wall is right by the kitchen door, another place he likes to inflict himself if he is feeling exceptionally petulant. In fact this is now the most damage he has managed to achieve so far. There is no real way for me to remove this one from his sight, which means that whenever he gets the opportunity, he returns to this spot and creates further carnage. The only way I have managed to actually stop this from happening, is by moving one of the breakfast bar stools to sit in front of it. It's far from ideal, but it is serving it's purpose.

I have been thinking long and hard about a long term solution for these areas of the kitchen, because we can't go on like we are with these walls. I was thinking that perhaps I could get my hands on a Clear Perspex Sheet for each of the offending areas, just so that if he continues it will be the plastic that takes the brunt of it, and I can finally get Luke to fill in the offending holes in my lovely new walls.

It wouldn't be hard to cut the plastic to fit the walls and I know that I would certainly rest a lot easier knowing that my beautiful, but mischievous puppy of mine was not taking large pieces of my wall out while I am busy working in the other room. 

Dalmatian Puppy

I know that in the long term it is something that he is going to grow out of, and the fact of the matter is it's just the one room that is taking the brunt of his puppy days, but at the end of the day, I am house proud and like things looking a certain way. 

Time to stop this cheeky pup eating my kitchen!

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