Friday, 25 November 2016

Locked Out

log fire

A few years ago I was living in a home with my other half and of course Leo, it was an older house and I loved coming home and watching Luke lighting the log fire. Especially at this time of year when it was so cold outside and Christmas was coming, it warmed the entire living area and made the perfect back drop to a cosy night in.

I remember finishing work one cold winter's day and getting to my car where a frost had already started to take hold. My thoughts instantly raced to the log fire and my plan for the evening was set, I would get home, get ready for bed and relax in the glow of the fire. Of course the best laid plans leave margin for error and on this occasion it was the fault of the estate agent we were renting the house from. They take it upon themselves to come and do a 6 monthly check, and unfortunately for me they had an issue with our door and managed to get their copy of the key stuck. Which of course meant that my evening of relaxing and not doing a fat lot in the comfort of my own home was cancelled until further notice. 

I got a call from them while I was just starting to get everything into my car, they were really apologetic and told me that they had already called to get a replacement lock sorted for us, and they would be on there way within the hour. The team were really helpful and they soon had us back inside in the warm.

Of course because it was the estate agency's fault, they footed the bill. I was amazed at how much it actually cost to get an emergency locksmith out to help, and I know that if the ball had been in my field I would have shopped around and found a way to secure the home for less.

I was just thankful to be able to get back inside, after a long day at work and then having to wait around in the cold for over an hour, it was nice to just get back inside and resume normality. 

We haven't lived there for a good few years now, but I still miss that log burner. Our new home doesn't even have a fire place let alone a log burner, so I don't even get to bask in the glow of the flickering flames these days.

Instead it's a case of turning the heating up on high and inviting the dog to sit on my lap (He's like a hot water bottle and very cuddly!) 

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