Monday, 17 October 2016

National Home Security Month - October 2016

National Home Security Month

I think we can all agree on one thing, the world that we live in is an unpredictable and crazy place at times, we never really know what's going to happen, and all we really want in life is to provide our families with a safe place to live. National Home Security Month (NHSM) is back this October (Starting from the 3rd) to provide us all with even more top tips for keeping our families, homes and possessions safe.

This movement, sponsored by the security specalist Yale, provides us all with food for thought and encourages us all to consider how safe are home is, and how we protect our own personal bubble. It is such an important factor to highlight, since we moved into our new home I have been meaning to purchase a padlock for the back gate and the shed, but it is still something that I am yet to do, when the reality is, it should have been a priority.

The initiative is to highlight and raise awareness to the likes of you and I, about the importance of home security. It is estimated that a burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK* with thefts surging by 38% following the clocks going back and the evenings becoming darker. 

National Home Security Month

A few years ago we had our garage broken into at my parents home, and although they only took a few bikes, it still shocked us and made us address the security of the garage. This was actually in the height of Summer at some point during the night. It's a horrible feeling knowing that someone else has been on your property, and definitely takes away the feeling of safety that one would ordinary associate with home.

The campaign highlights a different element of home security each week. The first week focused on providing simple tips and advice on how to protect your home and belongings over the winter period.  

The Second week went into the overall home security and explored traditional security methods that protect the entry points to your home and of course the valuables that we all have within those brick walls. 

The Third week looks at the advancing technology of the smart security industry, it provides an insight to us all about how we can connect these devices with our homes and keep it secure at the touch of a button. I have to admit that it is rather incredible to see just how clever these devices have become over the years.

Week Four will focus on raising the awareness surrounding the darker nights, it will force us all to think about whether our homes, garages and sheds are secure and protected against the unexpected. It will all wrap up in week Five and provide us all with seasonal advice on how to protect our homes against the increase in thefts and damage around Halloween and Bonfire Night.

I think that this year everyone is going to be that little more vigilant thanks to the prankster clowns that have been reported all over the news recently. 

You can check in with NHSM every day on Facebook and Twitter to get security tips, all you need to do is search for 'Home Security Month' in the search bar. 

To celebrate the launch of NHSM, Yale are offering homeowners the chance to win a Yale two camera Smart CCTV kit and a Home View camera to make sure you’re property is secure this winter – not to mention £100 worth of  Love2Shop vouchers! Click here to enter.

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