Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How women can balance work and family

work and family balance

Today's workforce comprises of more women than ever before, making up more than half according to AmericanProgress.org. About 4 in every 10 homes have a mom who is also a working mother. 

Balancing work and life can be heard, especially for a mom, but according to surveys, more than 65 percent of women say that their jobs rarely or never interfere with their personal lives and that they have found the perfect way to balance work and life. One of the factors causing this amazing trend is that some companies are changing their policies so that there is more emphasis on what work is done rather than where it is done, with the installation of technologies like remote server access and video conferencing, allowing more people - and women- to work from home. But whether your employer gives you this much assistance or not, there are several ways for any woman, both whether you have just gotten job offers or already with a job, to find the work/life balance.

For women who are willing to start working but haven't found the right job yet, a part time job could be the right option to start with. Many job offers can be found on job sites like uk.jobrapido.com where you can personalise your search and results and find more flexible jobs that will allow you to find the right balance between work and family.
 Stop feeling guilty:

 In your quest to balance life and work, there will be choices and compromises, and instead of dwelling on how or why you are not with your child, focus on your role in the company and how it is benefiting the family. It can help if you discuss with your partner or group in case of guilt.
 Build a team at work:

 Investing time in others and delegating can go a long way in lightening your workload especially if you occupy a senior position in your workplace. Give other people the opportunity to succeed, so it doesn't seem they are sharing or doing your responsibilities.

  Find quality childcare:

 Seek advice from friends and families on some of the best nannies, daycare centers or babysitters available. Take tours to the daycares or interview the candidates. The best nannies are the ones who have a previous history of long-term stays with families they were hired in. You can also schedule paid playdates with the candidates to observe how they interact with the children in less formal settings.

  Create connections whenever you get the chance

 You can pack the kids lunch and lay their clothes in the morning before they go to school. Create a schedule on which parent get to prepare the kids and who gets the groceries. Take 15 minutes before bedtime to talk to the kids or tell them a story. You can also take your child to an errand as a way of connecting with them.
 Create a family calendar.

 Include all the important dates and events in the calendar. They could include birthdays, school events and dates when bills are due or when any other activity is supposed to be accomplished. Google Calendar is a good option as it can be shared and synced on your smartphone, and you can also set reminders.

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