Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be Fierce, Be Brave: Autumn Style

Kayla Itsines Transformation
Since I have lost the weight and made a conscious effort to tone up my wobbly bits, I have really come out of my shell in terms of fashion and what I am comfortable in wearing. For years I watched girls dressing in clothes that I admired from a far, the green eyed monster taking a hold and rattling my very being. I watched them walk past confidently in clothes I longed to be able to wear for myself, the way I wished I could look and feel if I too wore those clothes. I knew that at that point in my life where I was anything but comfortable with my weight and build, that I needed to love myself first before I addressed anything else.

2 years ago I found myself on a journey of self discovery, weight loss and acceptance. It all seems like such a long time ago now, but those tentative baby steps paved the way to the leaps and bounds that proceeded those little movements in the right direction. 

With an entirely new frame of mind at the helm I started to step outside my comfort zone. I welcomed crop tops and daring dresses into my wardrobe. I absolutely lived for Summer and the feeling of being able to stretch my legs out in my favourite pair of hot pants felt like all of my Christmas's coming at once. Of course Summer cannot last forever, and I have to admit that I do have a soft spot for the cooler months that are coming our way at this very moment, it's hard not to get excited about choosing new outfits for the festive season, and if you have a look at the Lyst A Star Is Born selection you will no doubt fall head over heels for the stunning collection!

Autumn means that we can dress warmer and try different styles, and in honour of fall arriving to the UK I have put together my favourite daring outfit to celebrate those first golden leaves falling to the ground. It's an outfit that I absolutely adore, and one that 2 years ago, I would have admired with love hearts at the very fore front of my eyes, and wished I had the confidence to wear (Now I just wish I had the bank balance to purchase it!).

Leather Trousers

First up we have the RTA Prince Skinny Leather Trousers, I absolutely love the look and would do 1000 Burpees in order to have them hanging in my wardrobe. There is something incredibly sexy about a pair of leather trousers and if I had the privilege to actually own these, I would hands down wish Winter would last forever and wear them each and everyday for the rest of my life. 

A pair of leather trousers this beautiful needs the ultimate crop top to really set the outfit on fire. Being black you really do have the power to pull out all of the colour stops, but sometimes less is more, and that is exactly why I have opted for the Rosewater Lace Up Cunningham Top by Rachel Pally. It's classic and daring all at the same time, and I adore the lace up front, having a small chest means I can get away with tops like these as I can easily go bra-less without having any major wardrobe malfunctions! 

Leather Trousers

Finally I would complete this outfit with a pair of beautiful beige shoes to compliment the top and break up the black (Of course Black would equally go, but I think Beige is the new Black!). I happened to come across the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin Fifi Patent Heels, complete with the trademark Red Sole, and having eyed up the Louboutin collection for well over a decade... I couldn't resit adding them into this wish list.

I do the majority of my clothes shopping online as I always find that the selection is that much bolder and the sky really is the limit. Before I buy anything though I always check sites such as revouchers to see if there are any voucher codes available. 

This outfit would look incredible dressed up or down, and I simply love the way the leather hugs all of the right places. 

This outfit right here is one of the many reasons I decided to make the changes that I made.When I cast my mind back to how I used to feel, it feels like those thoughts and feelings must have belonged to someone else. The girl that stands before you today has worked as hard on the inside as she has on the outside, and I am now mentally and physically confident in myself. I hold my head high and strive to help other people who may feel the same as I did back then, today. Nothing is ever set in stone, if you want to make a change, you can absolutely make that change. Nothing is ever, ever out of your reach, not if you really set your mind to it.

When I look at old photos of me, I find it hard to recognize the shy person who stares back out at me, because 2 years has changed me as a person entirely. I became the person I longed to be. Oh how I wished to be the outspoken confident girl I watched walk past me in the street in her crop top and skinny jeans. How I longed to be able to stand my ground and say what I really meant without turning a bright shade of Beetroot. Oh how I wished that I could feel happy at the prospect of slipping into my bikini by the poolside and feel beautiful, how I wished I could feel sleek and slender in a pair of leather trousers.

Fashion Shoot

Over time I did become that person. I found a strength within me that spurred me on through the challenges and forks in the road that presented themselves to me. I found solutions, I rose to the occasion, and it was those very bumps in the road that made me fight ever harder to make the changes I wanted to see in myself. It was a simple fitness mission that went on to change my very being, and today I can't help but smile and tell you how much I love being me.

I don't mean that to sound conceited because it really is anything but. This is me telling you that I found a way to be happy in the very skin I am in. Through taking the time to work on myself, I found a way to love and appreciate myself in a way that I never knew that I could. 

I can't say when that happened, but I can tell you it was a gradual process. As the stones were taken off my shoulder one by one, I started to revamp my style. I let my wildest ideas run wild, and I developed an entirely new style for myself, One that was once completely outside my comfort zone, and one that has definetly raised a few eyebrows, and dare I say it? Turned a few heads. 

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