Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Visiting London with Children

Big Ben at night

Leo's only been back at school for a week and I am already counting down the weeks until the October half term, I feel like I need to make up to Leo how busy the back end of the Summer holiday was with the house move and everything else that seemed to come along all at once. The house move and subsequently everything that came along with the move, meant that we were too busy to really get out and about and make the most of the last few weeks of the break, which I felt awful about. 

With this in mind I am already planning the details of our next holiday together, and I literally cannot wait to have him all to myself for an entire week next month. The weather might not be as warm, and we might be preparing for the unpredictable Autumn months, but it is going to be so lovely to have that quality time and get to do some of the things that I wanted to do with Leo but couldn't.

One of the things we had really wanted to do was head to London for a few days and do some of the tourist attractions, Leo had been really looking forward to visiting the Natural History Museum and taking a flight on the London Eye. I recently came across Discount-London and thought they would be great to use for the Autumn holidays.

London Eye

Leo always adores visiting the capital, and over the years has been more than most children in his class. He loves the hustle and bustle of city life and everything that there is to see and do. Of course one of the most exciting aspects for Leo is the underground, and if truth be told he would be more than happy to spend the day just riding around on the Picadilly Line!

Now Leo is that little bit older though, we can venture out to new pastures and show him attractions that we have been really excited about introducing him too. The Natural History Museum is one of those places, and Leo is incredibly excited at the prospect of seeing the Dinosaur exhibitions, especially since has has been learning all about them at school. I have had to talk to him about how some of the exhibits are electronic and look true to life, and that just because they move... It does not mean that they are real. This is going to go one of two ways, he is either going to be completely amazed and absolutely love it... or he is going to be horrified and refuse to go inside! I personally hope that it is the first option...

Another attraction that I would love to add to our itinerary is Madame Tussauds, I know that at this stage there is only going to be so many of the models that he can relate to and recognize, but I think that even if we go along just to look at those he is going to think it is rather magical. 

It would be fantastic to be able to add in a West End Show while we are there too, one I have always wanted to see is Wicked, but I think that might be for an occasion where it is just  Luke and I, with Leo it would most likely be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I have heard some amazing things about!

London at Night

With a full itinerary on our hands I expect that we will be looking to stay over and spreading the attractions over a few days, past experience has told me just how tiring touring London can be, especially with little legs in tow. I will be looking at booking somewhere pretty central with easy access to all of the main lines. If I get the train directly into London - Paddington, I usually pick a hotel in that area within a close proximity to the station, as from the Bakerloo line everything is pretty easy to navigate too. 

For now though, Leo is enjoying being back at school and we are putting everything in to helping him reach his goals, and this break away is going to be the ultimate treat for all of his hard work back at school.

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