Friday, 5 August 2016

Keeping busy during pregnancy

30 week baby bump

When I was pregnant with Leo, I realised early on that I needed something to occupy my mind. I started a scrap book and spent hours gluing and sticking all of those early pregnancy accumulations inside, scans, memorable dates and so on. I remember sitting on the floor adding bits to this scrap book when I suffered my first bout of heartburn. It was not long after I started this scrapbook that I turned my head to the blogging world, and that is when this online space was born.

I loved writing and capturing those special fleeting moments, because I knew how relentless time could be, and I wanted to preserve them before they were just moments that had passed by un-noticed, and forgotten for ever.

There is one thing I wish I had given a try when I was pregnant, and that is creating my own baby clothes for Leo. Now I cast my mind back I feel like it is something that I would have been good at (eventually), it would have given me something fun and creative to do while I awaited my little man's arrival in the world, and it would have given me a huge sense of accomplishment when I got to the end of the design and saw what I had made for my baby boy.

I guess I would have looked to start quite simply with a baby hat or pair of gloves, as in honesty I have never knitted before in my life. Of course once you master the basics you can take on new challenges, I have been having a browse over at Deramores Baby Knitting Patterns, and would have loved to have a go at the all in one suit. 

Deramores Baby Knitting Patterns

I recall being very restless towards the end of my pregnancy, everyone around me was advising me to rest and I felt like I had so much energy. Of course I was enduring swollen ankles which is only to be expected when you are carrying a full term baby around with you 24/7, but I didn't feel like that meant I needed to sit around not doing anything. I would have been so pleased to find a new hobby that would have meant I could add to Leo's wardrobe, and who knows it might have helped me sit still for a little bit longer! 

I could see myself getting quite into this, because I am the type of person who might not be able to perfect the art, but I give everything I do my very best shot. So even if it wasn't something that everyone would have loved and admired, the finished result would have been made completely out of love, and I would be pleased knowing that I had created it myself. 

Deramores Baby Knitting Patterns

Now Leo is 5 years old, I still try my hand at certain things, like Birthday Cakes and Party Decoration. Things don't always turn out how they are supposed to, but seeing his little face light up when he see's what I have done (Or at least attempted to do) make all the time and effort completely worth it. I am yet to try my hand at knitting his own clothes, but with Winter in the not so distant future, I think I might see if I can knit him a hat and scarf, just to set myself a new challenge and see if I can actually complete the pattern myself.

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