Monday, 15 August 2016

Back to School: Back to Sleep

Back to School: Back to Sleep

Getting back into a regular routine after several weeks of “holiday rules” can be difficult for everyone, adults and children alike. From setting out a healthy and sensible routine, to installing new kids cabin beds as an incentive to sleep well, there are plenty of ways to get kids sleeping well, ready for the new school term and here’s what the team at Bed-e-Buys think.

Changes to Routine

If you’re struggling by September with your little one, chances are it comes down to a lack of routine over the summer, particularly with younger children. Their natural body clocks might be out of line, which could be a result of going to bed later than normal and getting up later, or through something as innocuous-sounding as watching TV too close to bedtime. The trick is to persevere with getting the routine re-established and get their rhythms back into sync.

Start waking your child prior to the first school run of term. Begin slowly, with going to sleep slightly earlier at bedtime and wake up just 15 minutes earlier each morning the week prior, until you reach the right time at either end. Then it won’t be quite such a shock the first week back!

Each to their own

Children, like adults, need different amounts of sleep, so treat every child individually. You might need to separate bedtime, or give one child other tasks to do, to stagger bedtime and blur the actual timings in the eyes of the kids. Schoolwork could be quite helpful here!

Make it appealing

Create an environment where children want to be, a place that is comfortable and comforting. If your child needs a new bed then this would be an ideal time to replace their existing one. The kids cabin beds can be exciting and make children want to go to bed early. As well as giving the room more space underneath that you can use for storage or play. It should be fun, but not distracting.

Simple checks

Many things that affect an adult’s sleep will also affect a child, so compile a checklist of things to consider before bed:
-           No caffeine close to bedtime; that means no fizzy drinks or hot chocolate.
-           Remove all gadgets from the room, including phone, tablet, perhaps even TV
-           Is it too hot or too cold in the bedroom? The ideal sleeping temperature is between            18-21 degrees Celsius

There is a lot of room for adjustment, so take your time and don’t stress about it. Getting worked up is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, but working through things logically will have the whole family in the Land of Nod in no time, all ready to bounce out of bed in the morning.

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