Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why you Should Take the Time to Teach your Children about Fruit and Vegetables

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Teaching your children about the importance of fruit and vegetables is essential. Not only will it give them a knowledge of how to be healthy and an education about which foods give them the essential nutrients they need to grow and develop, it also teaches them how to care and nurture things.
Here’s a few reasons why you should start growing fruit and vegetables with your children today:

School Influences
A lot of children start to become more selective about food when they get to a school age. As they spend all day with other children who may be picky about certain foods or eat a less balanced diet than themselves, this can sometimes rub off on children making them decide they don’t like certain food groups and won’t eat specific foods. In order to combat this, a good education about why we need different fruit and vegetables is important and ensuring that all their meals at home incorporate a healthy amount of fruit and veg is vital.

It’s Educational
The educational benefits of growing your own food and vegetables at home goes beyond learning about the different food groups. Teaching children how to care and look after something like a vegetable patch is a valuable life skill which they will hugely benefit from as they grow up. By giving your child their own project or singular vegetable or fruit to look after, monitor and care for they should really take an interest and begin to learn about where their food comes from. With  Premier Poly Tunnels you’ll be able to grow an amazing range of different vegetables easily.

Benefits of Fresh Produce
It has long been proven that eating fresh produce has many health benefits as the fruit and vegetables we get from supermarkets have a lot of contact with harmful pesticides. Vegetables which you can eat straight off of the plant always tend to go down well with kids, so go for things like tomatoes and strawberries, which are easy to grow and won’t go to waste.

Tasty Homemade Meals
By growing your own fruit and vegetables you’ll have easy access to amazing fresh produce so you can make tasty and nutritious homemade meals in no time. From fruit pies to tasty risottos and hearty stews, growing your own fruit and veg is a great way to teach your children cooking basics too and help to get them interested in keeping a healthy lifestyle

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