Friday, 22 July 2016

Outdoor Gift Ideas for The Kids This Summer

Entertaining the kids over summer

Summer’s here again, and school’s out – how on earth will our kids entertain themselves on those weeks off? Well, we have a few ideas for popular summer gifts to keep them occupied active over their school holidays.

Keeping Cool in the Summer
Keeping to the shade and staying indoors may bore the socks off some children in the scorching heat, so keep them cool with water play toys like slides and paddling pools.
You may balk at the idea of a loaded water pistol in the hands of your child, but this toy will be responsible for hours of fun, as well as getting them exercising and staying cool in the heat.

Other water toys they’ll love:
·         Slide and splash water slides – a dash of washing-up liquid will get them sliding along gleefully for hours.

·         Inflatable toys of their favourite characters – Frozen, Minions and other kids’ characters are a real hit already this summer.

·         Floating water sports balls - these are great for paddling pools or taking to the beach.

Out and About
If all things on wheels are a hit with the kids, keep them occupied with a pair of roller skates, a skateboard or a scooter. These will tend to set you back less than a bicycle or a trike, so they can make ideal gifts on a budget and also take a lot of beating, so they’ll last the test of time.

If you’re concerned about bumps and scrapes as kids inevitably will come home with after a day out playing with their friends, you can find a lot of nifty safety gear as well as the skates themselves at Proline Skates who specialise in kids’ items.

For the Creative Child
For the more creative and quiet younglings, it can sometimes be a little tricky getting them to play outside, but there are a lot of things you can do to encourage them.
If you’ve got a budding artist in the family, a colouring-in picnic blanket will spark their imagination and get them outdoors. If painting is their pastime of choice, a robust children’s easel will be a winner in the garden.

A classic childhood pastime for any child with an active imagination is the art of den building. Encourage their creative play with a way for them to build their own garden fort or castle whether they’re into princesses, pirates, or dungeons and dragons.

Even on a budget, keeping the kids occupied and outdoors this summer can be easily encouraged with the right choice of outdoor play ideas. Go on and treat them after their hard work at school this year. 

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