Thursday, 7 July 2016

Making a home

We're moving house! I know.. It's all I keep talking about! As the saying goes, there's so much to do and so little time (even if time is dragging horrendously right now!), and before I know it I will be carting all of the boxes into the van and taking it the short drive to our new village. 

All of a sudden I am over come with excitement for interior design, it has never really been something that I have given much thought before, but that is probably because I was never just thinking about how I personally would decorate and furnish a home I lived in. It was always a case of living with someone else, but now that it is just Leo and I, I can pretty much do whatever I want to our new home, and that thought makes butterflies fly around my tummy.

I am taking inspiration form absolutely everywhere and my Pinterest account is now full to bursting with ideas and things I want to achieve in my own home. I am scouring the world wide web for everything vintage and shabby chic right now, and all of the new furniture I have purchased follows the same kind of theme. 

I want the house to be crisp and clear so that I can insert colours into the furnishings and switch it up as I feel. With a blank canvas to play with, I can make the house more festive in December all by switching the cushions or the sofa throws over. 

I am getting ahead of myself now though... Because right now I am still purchasing all of the items that are going to make my house a home. The key to creating the perfect setting is attention to detail which for me is going to be made up in the furnishings as we cannot decorate for a year due to the house being a new build. The walls may be bare, but I will be making up for that in so many different ways (to follow in another post!), think bunting, typography and family photos! 

With the walls being simple, I have to get creative in every other department. I need colour, I need pattern and at the same time I need to make sure it flows, so that it is still simple and crisp, while still creating an ambiance that flows away from the pale walls.  

A big source of my inspiration has come from Esprit where there are some gorgeous home items that I will have to get on order. I am un-decided on whether to go for White curtains or Black, but I like the idea of the simplicity between the pale walls and the White curtains, especially since that in the long run I want a feature wall in the master bedroom that will be Damask featuring Black as the Primary colour. 

Esprit Home Interior
Esprit Home Must Haves

1. Eyelet Curtain + Premium Burnt Out Pattern - I love just how elegant and simple these curtains are, they add a hint of innocent sophistication that can only be achieved when you combine White upon White. It makes everything gleam, especially when the sunshine hits the room just right.

2. Starlet Cashmink Reversible Blanket - Leo's bedroom is going to be a little more grown up this time around and I have set my heart on a Monochrome Space theme. The one wall will have a Black, Grey and Navy Star wallpaper, and then throughout the room I will be adding touches of colour, but this blanket will go beautifully on his bed during the winter months and carry the new theme out.

3. Yellow Towelling Bath Mat - Right now the colour I am absolutely loving is Yellow, and I really want to highlight the colour within my new home. That's exactly why I am in love with this Bath Mat (Pictured above), it's such a bright cheerful colour that makes you think of Summer and warmer climates.
4. Cotton Kimono - I want to achieve a sort of boutique hotel feeling within the house. and what bathroom is not complete without a luxurious bath robe to slip on after you get out of a relaxing bath? I intend on spending a lot of time in the bath room making use of the new tub, so this for me is an essential item!

5. Zig Zag Table Runner - I have become obsessed with all things Chevron, I absolutely love the simple yet effective design, and the fact that it can add a fun playful touch to any room. This table runner is bright and vibrant and will really liven up the kitchen. 

The count down is now on until I collect the keys (hopefully on the 22nd July 2016!) until then I will continue to scour Pinterest Pinning as I go, and trying not to purchase anymore home items until I am firmly inside.

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