Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Looking for a new career

Looking for a new career

If you’re thinking of a complete career change, it can be tricky to figure out exactly what it is you want to do. Whether you need a career that’s more rewarding, better pay, one with more opportunities to grow or you just really fancy a change, it can hard to know what to do for the best. Here are some steps to follow to help you determine what type of career change will best suit you.

1)      Identify what it is you’re lacking currently
Firstly, thinking about what’s lacking in your current career can be really helpful to help you to identify what things you need from another one. Is it that you want something where there’s a clear route of progression? You want to use your strengths more? Or do you want to feel like you’re making a difference to the world? With so many different career options available, pin pointing exactly what it is you want from a new career is a good first step.

2)      Make a list
Once you’ve found out what it is you’re looking for draw up a list of potential careers which utilise that skill on a daily basis. Work through them, being honest about the pros and cons of each. This way you’ll be able to narrow it down to a list of careers which are suitable for you.

3)      Do some work experience
It might sound obvious but the best way to find out whether or not a career is for you is to try it out. Doing work experience or an internship is a really important step when working out what you want to do and can help you to rule out any potential options which definitely aren’t for you. A lot of industries offer work placements that are unpaid so it might be best trying to take a few days holiday from your current job and doing it then, so you don’t end up losing out financially if that is a concern.

4)      Training
Most careers require you to have some level or formal training before you can begin. This could be a degree, A-levels or a course which grants you a qualification. Check out exactly what formal skills you need to acquire before you can start your new career and enrol on a course to get the ball rolling.

5) Do your research
It's important to be in a role where you are supported and directed to be able to achieve everything within your ability. It's good to know who your new company associates with and who you will be expected to engage with in your role. For instance who deals with their Prime Brokerage? Do they offer everything you will need to get started? Glenmore Investments is a trusted innovator in technologically advanced trading for global markets, offering their clients the most progressive services available.

Looking for a new career isn’t easy but being happy in your job can really increase your quality of life so it’s important to start now and get the ball rolling. 

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