Friday, 29 July 2016

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

It’s nearly the season of outdoor evenings, barbecues and garden parties again, and what better time to give your home and garden a little spruce up while the weather’s fine. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get yourself some breathing space and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Decluttering doesn’t have to mean throwing stuff out. There are so many different places your unwanted clothing and other items can be taken and used when you no longer need it.
You can always get a little bit of cash from selling on your unwanted items through popular sites or apps that seem to be springing up all over the place – create an advert and list away.
Even damaged or otherwise unsellable clothing can be given to charity as rags which generate much needed income for struggling high-street charity shops. Look into giving old children’s toys to places like doctor or dentist waiting rooms, nurseries or playgroups.

Give your Wooden Furniture some TLC
Give a new lease of life to tired old furniture that needs a bit of love and attention by repainting or re-varnishing it. Check out somewhere like Mighton to get the right wood-restoring stuff.
If you have wooden garden furniture or a wooden shed, spring/summer is the perfect time to restore it to its full glory. The same goes if you have a wooden front door, fence or gate. Get weatherproofing and painting to keep everything looking fresh and able to withstand the cruel winter weather.

Get Gardening
Prepare your garden for the summer by giving the lawn a mow, trimming back any overgrowth, and de-weeding.

Get started with a compost heap if you haven’t already, and you will dramatically reduce the amount of waste you put into landfill. The excellent thing about compost is the fact that when the time is right, you can use the fertile compost on your garden.

Here’s what to put in:
·         Fruit and vegetable matter
·         Egg shells and cartons
·         Coffee grounds and used teabags
·         Grass cuttings, garden waste
·         Leftovers – don’t put in bones or meat.
·         Old wood-fire ashes

The period between spring and summer is a great time to get planting perennial flowers (these are the ones that crop up year on year) as the threat of frost is usually passed. In May, ideal flowers to introduce are plants like foxgloves, sweet williams, delphiniums, marigolds and pansies.

As the warmer weather brings us out of our feelings of winter induced hibernation, it’s high time we all made some changes for summer. 

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