Tuesday, 28 June 2016

You are what you eat

Healhty BreakfastIt's the time of year where people are thinking about jetting off on their Summer holiday's and realising that they perhaps haven't followed their New Year Resolutions to the fullest of their potential. As I type this my Facebook seems to have been inundated with people selling what can only be summed up as 'magic pills' or 'magic shakes'. 

When I see this I get quite angry, because it's not these products that are going to help you loose weight and tone up. You don't need to spend ££ to feel good about yourself and to achieve your goals. I know, I can hear you asking, what do you need to do then? 

After all you are what you eat.
Turkey Kale Salad
Real food just means good wholesome produce, none of this manufactured business. Keep it clean, simple and enjoy what you fuel your body with, because after all that is what it's all about. I am not telling you to eat lettuce, in fact I don't remember the last time I actually had lettuce and I consider my meals to be clean and delicious. 

Asparagus and Parmesan Tart

Pesto Courgette pasta and cheats garlic bread
The Bodycoach Chicken Patia Curry

Healthy Snack
 Healthy Protein Pancakes

I don't think people realise just how just eating right can set you up for your entire day. People seem to think that healthy food is not as tasty as the 'food' that has been manufactured from cuts of meet and chemicals that I couldn't even really class as food. You can dress vegetables up in so many different ways so that they taste incredible. Even I think steamed broccoli is incredibly boring, but when it is in the home made curry sauce I often cook up, it's just amazing! Pair that with some Turkey or Prawns and you really are on your way. 

Even just switching from white rice to brown rice is a healthier meal choice, and then if your brave enough, why not whizz up some cauliflower rice?

Discount Supplements have come up with a selection of meal planner cards that highlight the numerous ways you can create healthier meal choices. 

I wanted to share some of my favourite cards with you, maybe they can help you on your mission to a healthier you?

Veggie Dinner Planner - Yes we do eat good greens for breakfast! I mean... Why not!?

Vegan Dinner Planner - Now this might put a few of you off before you even look, but I think you will be surprised. Many of the meals I eat are based on Veganism, but as I am not Vegan (I love meat too much!) I often add Turkey or other things that take the Vegan classification away.


Mix and Match Salad Planner - Salad does not have to be boring. Salads should be full of colour and flavour.

These cards makes it really easy to put together a well rounded, healthy meal, all you need to do is pick a food from each of the groups and viola... Your meal is served. I really like these cards because they really do highlight all of the choices and selections that are available, the food you eat is a lifestyle, and it's sustainable if you are enjoying what you are eating.

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