Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Perfect Family Garden

Working outside

In the next couple of months I should hopefully be sitting in my lovely new home and making plans to make whatever garden we have reflect our needs. Leo obviously needs an area to play and enjoy the great outdoors, and I would love the possibility of being able to work outside when the weather is fair. 
Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to bring the laptop outside and sit on the timber decking, with the laptop resting neatly on the beautiful table that sits on the wooden terrace. All the while there is a cold drink with my name on it when I choose to take a break from working. 

I know that when we first move in we are going to be presented with an unruly lawn, but that's ok, I am willing to get my hands on a lawn mower and keep on top of it, because I can see past all of what is already there... to what could be there if I work hard and make an effort outside.

I plan on planting lots of beautiful flowers so that the colours shine out and it makes the garden a desirable place to be. 


I plan on getting the decking sorted as a priority so that I can make use of whatever is left of the summer sunshine. The decking area wouldn't just be home to the table that will allow me to work conveniently outside, it will have all weather umbrella so that it can stay out rain or shine. It will be an area that Leo can sit and enjoy playing with his toy cars, or even doing his school work on a lovely warm evening. 

It will be a resting place for me as I watch Leo run around the garden, playing with the puppy we anticipate getting not long after we move. The pair will run around tiring themselves out as I sit and finish up work for the day, and then we can sit outside in the last of the day's sunshine and enjoy a meal together before retiring into the house. 

There will be weekends where we have friends and family over to visit, there will be BBQ's and dinners that spill over into the garden which is all inspiration enough for me to really put an effort into our garden, because it's going to be a family space that really will give us a tremendous amount of pleasure. 

Throughout all of those different moments that we will be loving about having our very own garden, the one that I really look forward to the most has to be taking my office outside onto the decking. 

Doesn't everyone wish they could do that on a warm summer's day?

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