Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Taylor Swift - An Idol

Taylor Swift then and now

When I think about today's music industry and who I really admire and look up to, there is really only one person that comes to mind. It's a lady that I have loved long before she rose to fame, and coming from a humble country background I fell head over heels for her music. 

She is of course the one and only Taylor Swift. 

I first discovered Taylor randomly on YouTube as I was flicking through many random playlists with many different artists and tunes back in 2007. I heard some of the songs off Taylor's debut album that was fittingly titled 'Taylor Swift'. I loved how raw and catchy each of the songs were and I loved that she wasn't on everyone's radar. In fact I can remember hearing Taylor on the radio for the very first time and almost jumping up and down! It felt like a proud big sister moment, when someone who had literally shared her music online and been recognised for the absolute talent that millions of people see in her today.

It sounds crazy, but Taylor's music has literally become the soundtrack to my life. She has released albums that have communicated with my life in someway shape or form. I first heard Picture to Burn when I broke up with an ex boyfriend, and then Fearless came out around the time I met Leo's Dad, and I can't listen to that album now without thinking about all of those early days and moments.

In 2010 around the time I discovered I was pregnant with Leo, Taylor released Speak Now with 'Never Grow Up' that spoke straight to my heart and to this day reminds me of those first moments I knew I was carrying my little man. 

It really is incredible what the power of music can do, and how one artist can truly touch your life. I recently put all of Taylor's music on a USB and put it in the car. I find it hard to listen to some of the songs today because of just how much they relate to me, and I can't help but apply them to my life experiences and situations that I am going through.

Even now that Taylor's music has gone more mainstream pop, I still love her as much as I did when I first discovered her online. She has grown, she has evolved and developed into a strong beautiful women and I think that she will always be the artist that I hold close to my heart in one way or another. 

Gearooz have put together the below infographic that shows the changing look of music over the years, and you will see that my idol Taylor Swift has been featured. Did your favourite artist make the cut?

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