Friday, 10 June 2016

Leo's New Bedroom

Global Developmental Delay

My head is currently swept up in the excitement of a upcoming house move, I'm thinking about all that I will do with my new home to make it mine. I cannot wait to get in there and decorate the house exactly the way I want, and to furnish it how I want. 

One of the aspects that I am a little to giddy about is Leo's bedroom and getting Leo a quiet home, a relaxing and motivational place to unwind and work. I wrote a post yesterday talking about Leo's struggles at school, and I know that this move is going to really help spur him along. The current living situation means that we are at the family home, and not just your typical family home. It's a very large family co-existing together. 10 people in fact. Yes the home is large and there is space, but at times you do live on top of one another, and the fact that Leo's 3 year old cousin lives among us, it makes getting that one on one time with Leo exceptionally difficult. You can count on him running into the room and causing a ruckus as soon as you attempt to sit down and have the quiet learning time with Leo. 

There is so much that I long to do for Leo, but while we are still here, it's not a realistic option right now. I would love to invest in some LEGO for Leo so we can practice our patterns and build structures together, I think this would be an amazing learning curve for my little man, but I know that as soon as I part with the pennies, my nephew will end up loosing all of the little bits, and they will never be seen again.

Star Bedroom Design

Once we are out, I can put all of these ideas into motion. Leo's bedroom is going to have one wall decorated in Monocrome Stars. He is going to have a White wardrobe, a white chest of draws and a lovely white high rise bed. I am opting for high rise as I want to be able to use the storage space beneath it and even incorporate a desk and learning space for him. I have set my heart on the Stompa Uno S Highsleeper from Room to Grow's furniture range as it already has the desk built in. The idea is that we can get a space set up so that Leo looks forward to sitting down and having that quiet one to one time with me. 

I would also pop a small book shelf beside the desk so that we can really adapt the space below his desk into a constructive learning area. Downstairs in the living room I have plans to make a quiet learning nook where we will have two bean bags and another book shelf. A space that we can sit quietly together in and read stories together, a space that I can sit and listen to him read with no distractions. 

The bed even ties in beautifully with our colour scheme. Although the walls are going to be mainly White, I want to add splashes of colour into the mix in the forms of Blue and Red so that it isn't too bland. I love that the colour scheme is that little bit more grown up than the themes that we have opted for in the past, so it means that I won't need to worry about changing it in the near future. 

Stompa Bed

I have so many ideas that I just cannot wait to implement, and I am hoping that in the next couple of months, I can start to make these changes and really start to help my little man. It is safe to say that Leo himself is over the moon at the prospect of the move, and he cannot stop talking about his new house.

Let's get this adventure on the road!

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