Thursday, 26 May 2016

Style hints and tips for your summer interior

A little sunshine really is good for the soul isn’t it? I for one can’t get enough of these lazy, light evenings, and fresh, clear mornings. The summer time is a great motivator to get me up and ready to make the most of the day.

Inspired by my post on how to get the outdoor areas in our homes ready for summer, I thought I would do something similar for the interior spaces. And what better way to spend the summer than by giving the walls a fresh lick of paint.

Here are some hints and tips for the latest styles and trends, to help you create the perfect summer look, that can handle a busy family home.

Each of the styles/colours from Dulux are designed to keep the adults and the kids happy.

Bursts of Bright

Bright colours are really in this summer according to the interior experts. Bright can be daring and inject some fabulous life into a dull or plain room. What they also do is really excite the kids and add a sense of joy to a room. First is a bright blue, striking cyan that reminds me of the gorgeous blue skies of summer.

To accompany a bright blue choose a sunny shade of yellow. Perfect for a play room or a kitchen.

Retro Orange
One trend that really sticks out in my mind is the retro orange look. For me this deep and warm shade feels synonymous with a warm summer night. Take the colour to a different dimension, away from retro you can experiment with the exotic look with patterns and golds. This is another really summer style that can transform any space into a luxurious haven. Dulux Trade splash of orange paint is perfect:

Glitter and Gold
Why not pair an orange feature wall with some golden tones. These are gorgeous characteristic of that Moroccan vibe, while also adding some glitter or shimmer that the kids will love. Dulux do some really nice shades of gold that aren’t too garish or shiney and can be a really nice base for a bigger space too.

Trusty Neutrals
Although I do love a splash of colour, and I know Leo does too, I don’t think every room in the house should resemble a rainbow, I think neutrals are always great when keeping things calm amidst a few brighter rooms. A fresh lick of a bright and light neutral can change the whole feel of a room, ready for the summer. Here’s my favourite caramel tone that would even work well alone or paired with a bright shade.

With so many people running in and out of the house during summer, I really want my walls to withstand scrapes and stains and stay looking good for many summers to come. Dulux Decorator Centre luckily do a really great range of durable paints that have stain protector in them. So if Leo gets anything on the walls they can simply be wiped clean, with no fuss. Perfect for the busy mum.

For more inspiration for these great summer looks, or any look for that matter then the Dulux Decorator Centre Pinterest and Instagram accounts are really worth taking a look at. They show you what to do with a range of colours and inject just enough inspiration for you to run away with! 

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