Friday, 6 May 2016

Spring has sprung

River Avon Evesham

It's hard to believe that we are well into May already. All of a sudden it really does feel like Spring has arrived, after months upon months of dreary cold weather, the sun is finally shining and sharing it's warmth here in the UK.

It's not just the months that are flying by though, right now it feels like my whole life is on fast forward. If time carries on at such a pace it wont be long before I am applying anti-wrinkle cream and hunting out the finest incontinence products! You see it has been all go around here for the last couple of months now as we prepare for a house move, and Leo's upcoming birthday next month, it's safe to
say that these next few months are going to fly by equally as fast.

Leo has just informed me that this year he would like a Bowser Castle cake for his 5th Birthday, and today I have spent the last few hours on Pinterest trying to find the easiest design to try and re-create. It's a routine I go through each and every year, Leo picks the design and I try to re-create the cake in the easiest manner and usually add my own touches. Last year Leo set his heart on a Mario Kart Cake, and after hours spent in the kitchen, many a tantrum with the icing not going as it should... I presented Leo with his birthday cake on his big day.

Mario Kart Birthday CakeMario Kart Birthday Cake

Why do I get the feeling that a Bowser cake is going to make me want to pull my hair out all over again?

Alongside the birthday planning I have of course been putting a lot of thought into the impending move. There are no set dates just yet, but I have been busy getting all of the household items that Leo and I are going to need when we do eventually move. When we moved back to the family home in the June of 2014, we brought all of our house items back with us, the majority of which was stored in the garage stacked up to the ceiling. Having recently inspected the likes of the sofa and other items, it became clear that they weren't going to be making the move with us. 

This prompted a mass garage clear out, and I spent 3 full days gutting the garage. I have become a regular at the local tip, but my efforts have meant that there is ample space to start purchasing all of the new items we need for our new home. eBay has become my favourite app, even topping the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and it has helped me find some real bargains including a rather lovely corner sofa that most certainly did not break the bank! 

It is all go at the moment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Leo and I have so much to look forward to, and if all of this wasn't enough on our plate... When the move does happen, we plan on adding a puppy to the mix. After all... I do need a running partner for those early morning runs I have been heading out on! 

Watch this space...

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