Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Spending the kids inheritance

Up until last August, I was heading out to work on a weekly basis. The time that I was away, Leo spent time with his Granny, my Mother. As much as Granny loved that time with Leo, there is no denying that she certainly had her hands full with that little man of mine. He definitely gave her the run around on more than one occasion... I will always remember that one time I got home from work and found my 2 year old attempting to make his own toast...
Leo has always been a bit of a live wire in that sense.

Of course I was always aware of the fact that Granny wasn't getting any younger, but the fact remained I had to get up each day and go to work, and it was nice to know that Leo was happy and safe in the care of a family member. When my job fell through last year, I didn't rush into finding another job, and I sort of fell into life as a full time blogger. This meant that I got to be with Leo while he was at home, and it also gave us the remainder of the Summer holiday together before he started school in the September. While this was absolutely amazing for me, it also meant that Granny got lots more free time, now that she didn't need to spend her retired days watching my spawn! 

It's no surprise now that both Granny and Granddad have been enjoying lots of holiday's that I can only dream about...*Sigh*. Over the course of this last year, they have jetted off all over the place, Iceland, Mauritius and the most recent... The one that I am insanely jealous of is their Saga trip to Cuba.


They got picked up early in the morning and were chauffeur driven to the airport and treated like complete V.I.Ps, and they had a fabulous fortnight travelling around and seeing the unspoiled country. The photos they showed me were just stunning and Cuba is definitely on my must visit list! 

My parent's like to refer to their luxurious holiday's as spending the kids inheritance, and judging by how they leave no box un-ticked in their quest to conquer the world.. I would say they are doing a very good job. They are currently looking to book their next trip... On one of the Danube River Cruises which would see them setting off on an adventure of a lifetime on Europe's Second largest river. Napoleon is said to have described the Danube as 'the Queen of Europe's Rivers'. It's not hard to envision why when you think that flows through 11 countries and 18 territories!

Danube River

The package that they have been considering is nothing short of amazing, The Danube Delta Odyssey is exclusive to Saga customers, which means over 50's only (can you imagine no children running around!?) and highlights the stunning scenery of the Danube as it winds it's way towards to the black sea.... 

It's nice to see my parents taking some time out and enjoying their later years together. I sit back and eye ball them with green eyed jealousy, but under that jealously of me wanting to do all of these amazing and wonderful things, is a big smile that they are seeing the world and taking some well deserved time out.  

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