Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Getting Ready for Summer

Rape Flowers

I for one have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warmth that has appeared over the last few weeks. It has been the perfect opportunity to pop the roof on the convertible, turn the tunes up and even make a very rare appearance at the town's popular beer garden. It has seen the hot pants being pulled from the very depth of the draw and the sunglasses being worn as a staple accessory. Yes on those days that the sun has shone, it has really felt like Summer is finally here.

Now although today as I sit and write this reflective post about how the sunshine brightened my day, as I look out of the window I see that the skies have opened up once again and larger than life raindrops are falling to the ground and cascading into the awaiting puddles below. It's been like this all day as it happens, and it meant that my morning run had to be cancelled and swapped to a indoor leg work out that I am currently feeling the rewards for in the form of self inflicted pain! 

The rain continues to fall but the garden looks as though it is enjoying the wet day, it seems to be greening up right before my very eyes which will only aid those sunny days that we do get to spend outside in the summer sun. In fact with the thought of all of those summer evenings spent outside with a glass of Pimms in hand, I can feel myself getting excited for the months ahead. 

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting the garden ready for those warmer days. After the colder months that we are now leaving behind us, I know that our garden could definitely benefit from some T.L.C and the removal of a pesky weeds that have made an appearance. It just so happens that over the next few months, Leo and I will be preparing for our very own home. This of course means that we will be looking at getting our own garden together (Hopefully in time for Summer!)

Below I have shared a few of my favourite garden additions that I would love to see in my own garden one day. 

Shop the look
Bottom Left: Mosaic Fire Pit

Summer Garden

Hopefully over the next few months Leo and I will start to see everything coming together, and with that I am hoping that the sunshine will take hold and give us a summer to remember. 

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