Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Amalfi Coast: The Best Family Trip

Amalfi Coast

Situated in the West of Southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is certainly renowned worldwide as a plush haven frequented by celebrities and the cream-of-the-crop of society. But it is also a popular destination for all families from any social strata, and is admired not only for its wonderful sun-filled sandy beaches, 2-5 star resorts/motels, holiday villas for rent, and the splendours of its numerous UNESCO-protected World Heritage Sites (Italy itself lists 50 sites out of almost 1000 worldwide) but also for its cosmopolitan character and diversity of its natural habitats and local, multicultural folklore and traditions. Family-friendly is the word in the Amalfi Coast, because by tradition Italians are very attached to family values and this may possibly derive from a long legacy of respect for their ancestors (reminiscent of the ancient Romans who also practiced the cult of ancestor worship). For this and many other reasons, it is a great place to take your kids for a fun-filled exciting and educational experience, where they will also be able to interact locally with other families and get to play with other children in the many parks and playgrounds and in the many hotels/motels around the coast.  

Filled with natural wonders, bays and secluded coves, promontories, citrus and olive groves, vineyards and local farmland as well as ancient monuments and spectacular scenic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and with over 11,200 hectares stretching between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, its 16 communes set in the province of Salerno have their own unique customs that allow you to experience the cultural traditions of the civilizations that settled or occupied Italy for over 3000 years.  

In order to make your trip more comfortable and pleasant for the whole family, you could rent a Mercedes Viano through for example at any location in Italy at convenient prices  and start a scenic, luxurious road trip to Naples’ Aquarium (the oldest in Europe holding 200 species of fish and plants), or visit the historical rail cars and engines of Naples’ National Railway Museum, which are a wonder to behold for kids of all ages. At Pompeii they will certainly be amazed as history unfolds before their very eyes, with the preserved bodies of the victims of the vulcanic eruption and lava of Vesuvius that destroyed the city centuries ago. 


At Amalfi your kids can also learn about history, and the artistic and content of its Romanesque Cathedral and its oriental-inspired Cloister of Paradise will surely not disappoint them as it seems right out of a fable-book. Step back to the time of the Arab occupation and travel to the town of Cetara with its splendid Saracen Tower. Head over to Positano beach, so you and your kids can unwind from the travel and play on the golden sands or swim around safely under the watchful eye of life-guards. And do not forget to let your your kids enjoy the spectacle given by the colored ceramic tiles that cover the Church of San Giovanni Battista and the Arciconfraternita dell’ Annunziata e del Rosaria in Vietri Sul Mare, considered to be the ‘Cradle of Majolica.’

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