Wednesday, 20 April 2016

We're going on a summer holiday

As I sit with a coffee in hand and the laptop perched on my knee, I stare out into spring. It really has arrived now, bringing with it sunshine and crystal blue skies. This afternoon I felt my winter coat starting to feel that little bit too warm as I joined my fellow Mum's on the ritual that is the school run. As I looked around I realised that most people, like myself, still had their winter clothing on, some, a small few as it were, were embracing the sunshine with short sleeves and tank tops. It got me thinking about the Summer months that are really only just around the corner, would we be in luck this year? Would the sun carry on shining? Would the temperatures rise and bring with it a real summer?

One can dare to dream and dream I will, you see for while I dream, I can justify the summer clothing wishlist that is coming together with each passing day. Its just 5 weeks until the entire family jet off to Greece for a weeks break, and although I already have a rather generous selection of clothing...A girl can never have enough, especially when there is a House of Fraser Sale over at Love the Sales... It would be rude not to have a little look right?

House of Fraser

Jane Norman Crochet Shorts, Pink £17.00 (Was £25.00) *Bottom Right*
Check Cotton Shorts £19.99 (Was £29.99) *Top Left*
Zebra print asymmetric midi dress, Zebra Print £130.00 (Was 199.00) *Centre*
Jane Norman PU Trim Skater Dress £30.00 (Was 45.00) *Top Right*
Embroided Crop Top, Black £24.50 (Was £35.00) *Bottom Left*

To say I am looking forward to getting away for a week is a little bit of an understatement. It has been such a crazy couple of months that I haven't really had chance to catch my breath, and I know that the time away with Leo is going to create some life long memories that we will both keep close to our hearts. Leo's excited about spending all day every day in the pool, and i'm excited to spend that time with him. Of course... I am also excited about getting to wear a pair of shorts without the fear of the British weather succumbing me to frost bite. 

For now though I am going to enjoy the rarity that is sunshine following weeks of endless rain and let my mind wander to warmer climates...

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