Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Children Craft Ideas for Half term

The Easter half term is upon us, and as I sit here with a 4 year old bouncing off the walls in the hope of heading outside to play...But can't because once again the grey clouds are gathering and rain is starting to fall from the heavens. 

It's always the way, we have some free time and there's half an opportunity to get outside and enjoy Leo's freedom from school, but there is always a reason not to. Always a reason that it's not the most practical possibility, and once again it seems that the weather is not on our side. 

So while Leo has now settled and is enjoying Disney's Inside Out on Sky, I am sat looking for fun indoor activities that we can enjoy together while ironically the sun has started shining, and the rain has carried on falling. Boy do I love British weather.

So what can one do with a 4 year old on a school holiday, when the weather wants to do nothing but rain?

There's only one thing for it, we have to fill those rainy miserable days with The Works Art and Craft supplies

Here are my top 5 that I will be enjoying with Leo over the next fortnight if the weather doesn't improve:

1. Wooden Stationary Set - With 75 pieces - £10.00

This is a gorgeous set that includes 75 pieces of high quality stationery items that is just perfect for colouring, drawing, outlining and everything else that you might need to get a good craft session on the go. Whether you want to sketch out the Easter Bunny or draw up a stencil for another craft activity, this is a great set to get the wheels in motion!

The Works Art and Craft


- 8 Top grade sketching pencils
- 60 Quality colouring pencils
- 1 Metal sharpener
- 3 Glitter gel pens
- 3 Gel pens

2. Deluxe Spiral Art Set - £8.00

The Works Art and Craft

This amazing set will allow you and your little one to have hours of fun creating thousands of different spiral designs! The kit comes armed with 64 pieces, and you can start making pictures and designs by simply putting the pens to paper with the stencils provided!

Includes: 10 x spiral wheels, 3 x shaped wheels, spiral ring, spiral rack, 3 x spiral frames, 3 x gel pens, 4 in 1 retractable pen, reusable putty, 40 sheets of paper and instruction book.

3. Gold Tiger Foil Engraving Set - £3.00

The Works Art and Craft

I always loved these sets as a child, and I can't wait to see what Leo thinks of them. You simply have to scrape away the lined to reveal the metallic picture that lies behind it. There is a practice sheet included so that you can get to grips with the technique before going for the main event.

This set includes: 1 pre-printed board, 1 scrape cutter and 1 practice piece.

4. Coloured Card with Craft Glue and Bumper Craft Pack Kit - £4.50

The Works Art and Craft

This bumper packs contains a whole variety of different craft materials to forill all of your crafting needs:

- Foam Shapes
- Pom Poms
- Assorted Sequins
- Coloured Feathers
- Wiggle Eyes
- 25 Lollipop Sticks
- Assorted Pipe Cleaners
- 20 Sheets of Coloured Card
- Craft Glue

5. My Big Yellow Book of Colouring - £2.00

The Works Art and Craft

Colouring never get's old. and as a child it was one of my favourite pass times, just sitting and getting lost in a world of colouring. This book has 88 pages that children (Or adults!) can sit and doodle on or colour whoever they please.

The beautiful thing about completing these sorts of activities with children is that you have something to keep and treasure at the end of play. Something that has been crafted by your child, with their imagination and passion for the task at hand. That's something that even the doom and gloom of a rainy day cannot take away. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Become a compact gardener!

Gardening and I have never really given each other a chance, but seeing how today I eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, maybe it is time that I dust off those less than green fingers of mine, and see if we can't get some sort of relationship on the road?

When I think of the money that I am handing over every few days as I restock on everything that I need for my meals over that week, I really do think that I should at least give it a try. I wouldn't need to get to adventurous, but even if I just started off growing one type of vegetable to see how I got on, it would at least see me trying and giving something new a go.

Gardening is good for you, according to a new infographic produced by Compost Direct. Older gardeners have a 36-47% lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners. However, with urban spaces on the rise there is less room for people who’d like to get into garden.

Thankfully, there are many ways to grow crops in small spaces – from potted plants indoors to veg patches and grow bags. Did you know that you can grow potatoes in compost bags and bin liners? Following a simple growing process you can enjoy some pristine spuds without needing a full size garden.

How about growing crops in specialist grow bags? With just a small amount of space, you can grow fruit and veg to feed your whole household – from tomatoes and carrots to herbs and courgettes.

Read the full infographic to see how to grow potatoes, tomatoes, veg patches and more. You can also find out how to maximise your growing area by building window boxes and vertical gardens, meaning that no matter what kind of outdoor space you have - there is no excuse not to garden! 

I guess I will have to give it a go...