Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Parent’s Tips for Decorating the Nursery

When the time nears for the baby’s arrival, it is always a hectic period for expecting parents, who must have everything ready in time to welcome the new-born and introduce him to this world in a friendly and  playful, love-filled setting. Warm tones like pink and blue depending on the case are always appropriate, with colorful designs for the curtains and even the ceiling (considering that the baby will be spending most of his time in the crib or cradle) which can be decorated with glowing stars, suns and moons for the baby to wonder at even at night and that will soothe him to sleep.

A comfortable and safe cradle constructed with the appropriate safety measures like protective wooden frames and a suitable mattress approved by pediatricians are top priorities for expecting parents. Appropriate toys which include dolls, hanging jingle bells, chimes and wooden or plastic squeeze toys suspended above the cradle that make funny sounds, and especially a wooden or plastic rocking horse are some of the baby’s favorites and with minimal hazards; without forgetting the furniture and essentials for storing valuable commodities which must always be kept ready at hand for moms- like diaper sets, toys and sets of cabinets for the occasional baby laundry. 

At the Shop Mohd online store you can find a great variety of furniture designs and decorations for creating the perfect nursery, such as Poliform which since the 1970s has maintained its industrial integrity and quality via eco-sustainable materials and processes, showing a high respect for the land while adapting to international trends and contemporary lifestyles to satisfy every taste. Its creations include chests of drawers, cabinets, nightstands, sofas, arm-chairs, coffee tables (for the mom to rest and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the baby), poufs, beds and much more.   

A cozy sofa or armchair in the nursery room is also highly recommended for Moms when breast-feeding to relieve a lot of the pressure- and moms can be more comfortable while the baby takes its time. They are also a good place to lull the baby to sleep before putting them back in the cradle, and also a rocking chair does the purpose just fine. Among Poliform’s various selections you can find multi-set Tribeca Sofas with Peninsula or the Ventura lounge armchair which also provide total comfort.     

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