Thursday, 28 January 2016

The first sport's injury

Pike on a Ball

I never expected exercise to become such a huge part of my life. When I set those initial goals back in June 2014 I didn't for a second expect to still be going strong 19 months later. Somehow those initial goals were surpassed, exceeded even, and my intention of just 'getting skinny' became a distant memory, because it was no longer about getting skinny, it was about getting stronger.

With each month that passed I saw myself pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it was trying a new class or trying a form of exercise that was foreign to me, I was giving everything a shot. Of course pushing my boundaries meant that I was opening myself up for a higher risk of injury, but I was so excited about all of the new things I was allowing myself to try, that I didn't really think much about the possibility of getting hurt.

I had a good run, no real injuries to speak of aside from the burn of leg day to contend with, but in honesty that was such a satisfying burn, and it let me know that my efforts were being recognised by my body. All good run's come to and end though, and at some point, you will get injured. It's just part and parcel to training.

2 weeks ago at a CrossFit session I was attempting deadlift's for the very first time. We practiced them and the instructor checked my posture and was pleased with my set up, so pleased in fact that he said to load some more weight on to it. Very quickly I was lifting 40KG and at first it was absolutely fine. We were taking it slowly and there was no pressure, but very soon we were starting the work out of the day, which just happened to be 20 minutes on the clock where we would perform every minute on the minute for the duration. The first minute was 4 deadlifts followed by a break for the remaining seconds left of that first minute. When the next minute started I completed 8 bar burpees, 4 either side of the bar. It was 10 minutes in when I lifted the bar for my deadlift set that I felt something give in my stomach. It felt like a tear and the pain hit hard. 

I was so annoyed at myself, but I didn't want to give up with 10 minutes to go. I was half way there, if I dropped the weight down then surely it would be ok, so that's exactly what I did. The pain got worse through the burpees and the remainder of the deadlift's but I was determined to reach the end. My pace slowed down to compensate and my once bouncy burpees were looking a little more like an old lady getting up after a fall, but I completed it. I did it.

It became apparent that I was going to have to take it easy on myself for the next week or so, I couldn't train because it was painful and I only had to breathe in to deeply or sneeze and I would be in the throw of a muscle spasm. I took to Google and pretty much convinced myself that I had a hernia, and thought it best just to get checked out at the doctors to eliminate anything serious. They confirmed it was just a muscle strain and to take it easy, the appointment was pretty much a waste of time, all be it for the face the doctor made when she realised how I had injured myself in the first place 'But your only small!'.

I began to think of ways that I could help myself, rest, massage therapy at ML Chiropractic, a day at the health spa, anything really to just try and speed up the healing process, because sitting around was slowly driving me crazy. 

A week later my abdomen is feeling so much better, and the rest really has helped me feel better again. I spent a few days just sat around feeling sorry for myself with a hot water bottle, to scared to sneeze or knock it. It has definitely been an eye opener and I am so glad that I listened to my body even though the rest of me was screaming to get back in the gym and on with my training, but the reality is that if I had done that I would have most definitely made the injury worse.

We live and we learn.

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