Monday, 11 January 2016

Increase Your Productivity With Flowers in the Office

Increase Your Productivity With Flowers in the Office

Flowers are beautiful. They are colourful and have a pleasant aroma that most people love, they can provide a touch of green in an otherwise bland office setting,but flowers, surprisingly, can do more than that. It may seem unbelievable but having a vase of freshly-cut flowers in your workplace can actually increase your productivity!

Banish the Early-Morning Blahs

The benefits of fresh flowers on your workplace productivity begin before you even leave the house. Studies show that emotions like happiness and satisfaction do not usually arrive till later in the day. But if you look at fresh flowers first thing in the morning, it kickstarts your endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals, and before you know it, you are feeling more happy and positive.

Erase the Anxiety

Flowers in the workplace can also have a calming effect. They have been shown to decrease anxiety, negativity and depression and to promote calmness, happiness and goodwill toward others. As a bonus, they also may improve memory. This way, you will not be as likely to forget your passwords, what report you were supposed to hand in, and when the next office meeting is, thereby decreasing stress.

Promote Creativity

The productivity-boosting effects of flowers do not just stop there! They are also wonderful at promoting creativity. Those who worked with flowers in their office showed an increase in innovative thinking and new ideas. They also were much better at coming up with original solutions for thorny problems.

Feeling Comfortable

Finally, study participants said that flowers made their offices feel more comfortable. This is very important, because as everyone knows, when your workplace is more comfortable, your productivity tends to increase.

Flowers can help you be much more productive. They can improve your mood, lower your anxiety levels, help you think more creatively and swat away your morning blahs, and the benefits are long-lasting for a relatively low cost. They make most people happy. You cannot go wrong. If you need a place to find great flowers, I  recommend Flowers for EveryoneThey offer flower delivery in Sydney. They also have an excellent range of fresh flowers to choose from. So the next time you have a bad case of the blahs, or if your stress is climbing steadily through the roof, think of setting aside a few minutes to order a vase of flowers, either for yourself or a co-worker.

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