Friday, 29 January 2016

Holiday Plans for 2016

January for me is the most bleak time of the year, it's the come down after the Christmas excitement and everywhere just seems so naked and bare without the Christmas glitter that was all around us until only a few weeks ago. It's no wonder so many people suffer from the January blues at this time of year, I myself seem to have been struck down with a case of it.

I think I have found the cure though, the cure for the January blues that is. It's pretty simple really, and it means looking ahead. Looking past this mere month that will very soon be coming to a close. Looking forward towards Spring, towards Summer, to warmer days that bring blue skies, flip flops and even the shorts! 

The cure is to book your Summer holiday.
To book your Summer holiday in January.

That's exactly what we have been planning this month, and it's not just any holiday. It's a big family holiday. A holiday abroad to Crete with around 15 members of my family. It wouldn't be possible without my good old Father who has decided to treat the entire family to this week away in the sunshine at a 5* hotel on the beach front. If that doesn't cure the January blues then I really don't know what will.

Having a holiday booked for Springtime means that the count down is on, and I am hitting the gym harder than ever in preparation to get my bikini body on the road. It's going to be fantastic to spend time with Leo by the blue sea, watching the waves crashing against the shore line and catching some rays. Ultimately it's going to be fantastic to just relax and take some time out for a little while, we are all guilty of not taking enough time to relax and sometimes it takes a holiday to really show you how much you need one.

I love Greece, I visited Corfu when I was younger and a few years ago we took Leo to Cyprus, so to visit another of the beautiful islands is an opportunity I am very excited about. Not to mention my love for Greek cuisine.

I may look at upgrading my camera before we jet away, I would love to improve my photography in 2016 and going abroad is the ideal time to try some new camera tricks, but I don't think my much loved camera has much fight left in her... It might be time to think about putting her out to pasture. I did see that Columbus Direct have a very attractive competition running at the moment though, giving entrants the opportunity to win a Canon Powershot SX400 IS Value Pack Accessories Kit which I couldn't help entering... Because you never know! All you have to do to enter is choose one of the multiple choice answers telling them where you think Columbus the dog has jetted off to from the photo he has shared!?

To say that I am a little bit excited about our holiday plans this year is an under statement, and I may have even booked a short trip away to New York in November, so January aside... 2016 is already shaping into a pretty spectacular year.

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  1. Sounds amazing! We just booked our holiday last week and it does make January seem a bit sunnier! xx