Thursday, 28 January 2016

Does where you live effect your health?

We hear a lot about post code lottery these days, from the health care we recieve to the care provided to us when we are older and need a helping hand, but could the risk of developing a serious medical condition change depending upon where we live in the UK?

Health and wellbeing provider Beneden have shared their findings after researching the varying risks of developing a number of medical conditions for different parts of the country. On the back of this research Beneden have developed a tool for the likes of you and I to check which major medical conditions are most likely within your region. 

The national average is based on occurrences per 1000 people, with statistics looking at how more or less likely you are to potentially develop a serious medical condition based on where you live. Where I live in Worcestershire it ranks 7th out of 71 counties across England and Wales for risk of a medical condition in Females, with Low Birth Weight topping the list. 

The tool helps us to understand the regional differences between Males and Females. For instance if you are a woman, you are 21% more likely to be at risk of breast cancer if you live in Cheshire compared to women who live in Cambridgeshire, and if you are female in Cornwall you are 14% less likely suffer from heart disease than a woman in Merseyside.

It has revealed that men living in London are 35 per cent more likely to develop heart disease than their equivalents living in Manchester, and men in Yorkshire, for example, have are 13 per cent less likely to suffer heart disease than those in Bristol. 

Interesting information right?

This ‘Risk by Region’ tool is designed to raise people’s awareness of the higher risk medical conditions in their area so they can take a more informed view of their approach to health and lifestyle. It does not make assumptions on your current lifestyle – instead it uses national statistics to build the picture of varied risk across the country.

The tool raises awareness to the higher risk of conditions in their area, it means that you and I can take a more informed view on our approach to our health and lifestyle. I myself like to keep active and eat well, and long term I hope this will reward me by having a positive effect on my over all health and well-being

The Daily Mail recently used the tool to talk about the different risks posed to the different regions throughout the UK and it makes a very interesting read. 

What are the statistics around where you live?

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