Wednesday, 27 January 2016

An Alternative Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner and Cupid is already sharpening his arrow as we prepare for the most romantic day of the year. I myself don't usually get wrapped up in the fluffiness of this commercial holiday, but admittedly it's hard to resist spoiling the loved ones in your life.

If your like me though and you don't like to go OTT with love hearts and soppy messages, you might want to consider alternative gift ideas that realistically will live to surpass Valentines Day in the sense that they are practical everyday gifts, and of course earn you massive brownie points in the process.

Jeepers Peepers Retro Sunglasses In Black Smoke - £22 from Asos

Luckies Smartphone Speaker - £23 from Asos
Tech21 phone case - From £29.95

Each of Tech21's products is the result of their desire for protection. You’ll notice the difference every time you pick up your phone or tablet and they happen to be one of Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies, let's face it the technology we have in our lives is fragile. When I dropped my iPhone 6+ in the first couple of months of purchasing it, I prayed that the cracking sound I heard was my leg. Of course I wasn't that lucky, my poor phone took a tumble and it's beautiful screen paid the price.

Tech21 use an ipact-proof Polymer technology that helps protect our everyday technology from the same unfortunate fate as my own phone. 

Valentines may be marketed as an overly gushy day, and I know that when I look at the supermarket shelves full of teddy bears and overly out there merchandise that makes you ultimately feel a little bit sick, I don't feel that I can buy into the holiday in that sense. I would much prefer to celebrate Valentines Day in my own way, purchase a gift that is going to be well received and actually useful. Something that won't sit on a shelf gathering dust, or thrown to the very depths of the cupboard.

I can remember a few years back standing in the shop and looking at the mass array of Valentines Day cards. The front's of some were perfect, they were humourous and not to mushy, until of course you open the card and the mush that's printed on the inside makes you almost drop it to the floor. It is for that very reason that I purchase all of my cards for every occasion online, where I can completely personlise it to my tastes.

To me Valentines Day should be about the company of someone special. A meal, quality time and of course a bottle of wine or two. You wont find any I love you Teddy Bears around these parts. 

How do you choose to celebrate Valentines Day?

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