Friday, 4 December 2015

Hello December

The Christmas holiday's are drawing ever closer, and I for one can't wait to close the door on school for a few weeks. I want to make the holiday's as magical as I possibly can for that beautiful boy of mine. I want to wrap him up in make believe, shower him in fairy dust and bring Christmas to life right before his eyes,

I want to enjoy lazy nights in under the duvet with cheesy Christmas films, I want to show him just how special he is, how loved he is. I want to shut the door on anything that has the potential to turn a smile upside down.

We are going to head out ice skating under the stars, we are going to visit the North Pole on the Santa Express, we will eat mince pies and enjoy hot chocolate while Jack Frost dusts the lawn and peeks through the windows. We will wrap up warm, we will wear party clothes and we will be merry.

Part of the fun of the season is to dress to the nines, to sparkle and shine. Wear things that set you apart from the rest of the year. I love to get dressed up, and I adore nothing more than kitting Leo out to. So what will we be wearing over this month?

I can't help myself when it comes to shopping for Leo, and I have fallen in love with a number of items over on Esprit. Leo is such a little dude that I couldn't help fall in love with this biker jacket, it's like it was designed for him.

As for me, I live for sparkles and glitter. Christmas is the ultimate excuse to dress up in sequins and lose yourself in a wardrobe fit for a princess. Be it floating tops or princess dresses. I'm a girly girl through and through, I like to look after myself. I work hard on my body so that I can enjoy wearing the clothes I want to wear.

With the festive season upon us, with December ticking down the days until the 25th, we can feel the excitement growing, I can see Leo's eyes widening, his imagination going wild. His tummy bubbling over with butterflies. 

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